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    B&O sound system. Bear with it

    I totally agree with all this. Speakers do need bedding in. And I like the B&O system. It doesn't match my indoor hifi system by any stretch of the imagination but still very good for car audio. If you need to find a differentiator between Skoda and Audi this is it. The Canton fitted to Skoda is...
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    Warning - Connect app errors

    An update: According to Audi Connect support it is normal for the app and odometer to disagree by up to 3 miles.
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    Warning - Connect app errors

    I just checked this morning and there's 3 miles discrepancy between the odometer and the app. I've tried refreshing the app and even restarting my phone and the car but the discrepancy remains.
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    Warning - Connect app errors

    Just to alert anyone using the Connect app to track their milage. The app definitely does not agree with the odometer. Please don't rely on the app if you are recording milage to claim expenses, for example. Always check the odometer. I hope this helps others to avoid the hassle I've just been...
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    Door mirrors

    This must have been commented on before? But I can't find anything... This is the only car I've had with this problem. In wet weather, at motorway speeds, water collects at the bottom outer edge of the mirror surround and gets picked up in the air flow and spattered over the glass. When...
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    Extended Ambient Light Pack - Gone?

    This sounds about right to me. My car was someone else's cancelled order.
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    Radio text

    Yep, MMI. There's no text at all now whatever the vehicle speed.
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    Upgrade from Edition 1 (2020) to Edition 1 (2023) - What to expect?

    My edition 1 45 TFSI doesn't have it
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    A3 40 tfsi e - mmi login failing

    I fought with this for about a week when I first got the car. It seems unbelievable but I had to take the car to where there was a strong telephone signal. It just wouldn't work in the village where I live. Then the dealer had to go into their system to confirm that the car had been delivered...
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    Radio text

    I wonder if this is vehicle speed related. I'll have to keep half an eye on it and see what happens.
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    Radio text

    Weirdly, text appeared yesterday morning. Then was gone in the afternoon. I called Audi customer services last week and they, basically, don't know if it should be there or not. I can't believe this is a 'safety feature' as the MMI happily shows me three line previews of incoming emails.
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    Can I stop the engine going to idle?

    Maybe there's a setting, or maybe a OBD11 mod? In Auto Hybrid mode with Sport selected and on manual shift, I'd like the engine to stay in gear rather than drop to idling (and the car coasting) when I completely lift off the throttle. Is this possible? If there's a setting I can't find it.
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    A3 slowing on its own

    I can confirm that my brake lights do come on when regen braking. I have tested this by having a colleague follow me and confirming over the phone. He thought that it was pretty irritating that the brake lights were on/off so much.
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    A3 slowing on its own

    From my experience the brake lights do come on when regen braking.
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    Radio text

    This only appears, when the car is stationery, by pressing the three dots on the right hand side of the radio display. However, the other day I saw radio text on the main screen while I was driving... Is this correct? Have I forgotten to turn something on? A setting somewhere? I'd like to see...
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    35TFSI with Bridgestone Turanza tyres

    I had the P7's for a while on my last car and they were very noisy too, with poor wet grip. I found over the years that tyres can make a huge difference to in-car noise levels. The noise ratings on tyres appear to be a good guide and even 1 or 2 dB is noticeable, but it also depends on the...
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    35TFSI with Bridgestone Turanza tyres

    I have them on my new 45 TFSIe and yes, they are pretty noisy.
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    Fuel type? 95 or 98 octane?

    Just about to take delivery of a 45 TFSIe. Which fuel to use? Is there any benefit to using 98 RON with this car, with either fuel consumption or power? I'm very interested to hear of other owner's experience with this.
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    SE or S-Line

    I agree with the 'grumpy old man'. The S-line suspension is awful. I've also driven the SE, and there's no loss of handling compared to the S-line (IMHO). The SE seats are also much better than the S-line seats for my over-long legs, but then a colleague of mine loves the S-line seats...
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    shaking when idle

    I get intermittent idle shaking. Doesn't show up when I get to the dealers, and no fault memory... Wierd.