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    Arm rest USB

    I tested this on mine after I noticed the same thing (the USB cable I was using has a little LED in the end and I noticed it was still lit). I turned the car off, stayed sat in it and locked the car with my phone still plugged in and charging. After a couple minutes it stopped charging and the...
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    Battery question

    Dead as a Dodo this morning, as expected, so a trip to Halfords to get a new one (they only list one battery as the correct one for my car, so I didn't have much of a choice unless I wanted to go to GSF and get a Yuasa that was the same specs, but £40 more and a years warranty less. The Halfords...
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    Battery question

    Seems I need a new battery. Was perfect yesterday, but was slow this afternoon when I started it up. It struggled to start again five mins later after getting fuel, understandably since it was running for such a short time. Did a 35-40 min drive, parked up and it was dead when I came back to it...
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    Pagid or Delphi brakes ?

    Never had Delphi brakes, but I used Pagid for both discs and pads on my Lexus several times and never had a problem with them. Reasonable wear rate, reasonable dust output (better than the dust output of whatever are on my A3 right now that's for sure!)
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    Red coolant warning light

    I had a similar problem with mine at the beginning of the year. About an hour of motorway driving, the low coolant level light came on. Pulled over and turned engine off and checked coolant: it's the max line like always. Restarted, no warning. About a week later it came back - still nothing...
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    MMI Album Art

    I noticed on my PFL, when I had MIB1, I was only getting album art for some but not all my music, and some of it had different artwork than was in my music. Seems artwork is not transmitted over Bluetooth at all, but because I had the MIB High system, the Harman headunit had a Gracenote database...
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    5w40 5w30

    Also, does anyone know the correct torque settings to tighten up the sump bolt with a new washer?
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    5w40 5w30

    Well the VW dealers near me said I need to replace the washer and the plug/bolt as they come "as one item" and with an oil filter that costs £23.20. Since I was passing an Audi today I stopped to ask them and they said you need to replace both the plug and washer but I don't have to buy them...
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    5w40 5w30

    While we're on the subject of oil, does the sump plug need replacing with every oil change or just a washer/seal?
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    8V buying advice….

    As standard the DSG can be a little sluggish but on the whole I haven't had a problem with it. I'm told though if you take it to a TVS approved place, you can have a drivability tune done that makes it a lot better. I just haven't got round to it yet. Regarding the car, my personal feeling is...
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    Xenons. Quality replacement bulb?

    The question is not whether they will fit them for £9, but do you trust them to do a good job for £9...
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    Are your wings/fenders aluminium?

    Just checked and my 2014 saloon has steel wings (and alu bonnet)
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    Xenons. Quality replacement bulb?

    That is cheap - I've been looking at replacing my bulbs as I think they're also a bit dimmer than they used to be, and even Halfords own brand (on the right) are £40 (the prices displayed are trade card prices)
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    Disable headlight washers only?

    I had Carista, sent it back. I don’t really want to pay a subscription indefinitely to be able to turn things on and off on my car Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Disable headlight washers only?

    That's thew only way I've been doing it - not the greatest when on a country lane at 1 in the morning though
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    Disable headlight washers only?

    Annoying it doesn't have a dedicated fuse like my Lexus did then. I find when I just briefly pull the wiper stalk the wipers swish but no fluid comes out until the second or third pull of the stalk, and often needs a few quick pulls to get enough out onto the glass to clean it. Would be so much...
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    Facelift Windscreen tint

    It's called a top-tint, been about for ages. Escort's and Sierra's had them back in the 80's. Personally I prefer non top-tint, as I'm quite tall and you can end up with the transition between the tint and the non-tinted part of the glass right in your eye line. Which is very annoying when...
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    Disable headlight washers only?

    I didn't know that, I've always just held it. Will try a quick pull. And that's why I was looking for a fuse to remove, so I don't have to find someone with VCDS to disable it and then re enable it for MOT, then disable again. I know, that's why I mentioned about putting the fuse back in for...
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    Disable headlight washers only?

    Seeing as the washer fluid res on the 8V appears to be tiny, and runs out ridiculously quick in this weather, I was wondering if you could disable the headlight washers so you're only pumping fluid onto the windscreen? In my Lexus it was as simple as pulling a chunky fuse out and presto, they no...
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    [Guide] Audi A3 8V Genuine LED Cupholder Retrofit

    No Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk