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  1. mjc23

    3Pay PAYG Sim needed!

    Hi, Does anyone have a 3 PAYG sim card that you no longer need? It needs to be on the '3PAY' tarriff. These were the ones activated before November 2010. If anyone can help then it would be great. Thanks, Matt
  2. mjc23

    Traffic Light Camera!

    Yes i'm intrigued to know this leagal fix too! Do tell!
  3. mjc23

    Buying Guide/Advice please!

    Thanks, i'm going to be going for the 1.8t petrol but i'm guessing there'd be a similar difference.
  4. mjc23

    Buying Guide/Advice please!

    Thanks, is there much difference in the mpg between the quattro and FrWD?
  5. mjc23

    Buying Guide/Advice please!

    Thanks for the heads up on the cam belt. Still looking for a 1.8t. Might be persuaded to the frWD instead on the quattro but can't make my mind up. What can i expect from each one? Thanks again
  6. mjc23

    Buying Guide/Advice please!

    Sorry i meant the s-line kit, dont know if that makes a difference as ive seen some with full leather, some with healf leather half fabric, just fabric but have only seen one with half alcantara half leather so i'm guessing that ones a bit harder to find
  7. mjc23

    Buying Guide/Advice please!

    Well i'm looking to change to a B6 A4 and wanted some help or advice on anything to look for when buying. What i definately want; * Saloon * 1.8t (190) * Quattro * S-Line * Nothing over 65/70k miles What i'd like (wishful thinking!); * Half leather / alcantara seats * Probably blue or black...
  8. mjc23

    Struggling to sell the 190

    Thanks for the link, nice car and nearly what i'm after. Think i'd like the quattro tho and with a few less miles. prob around the 60k mark.
  9. mjc23

    Struggling to sell the 190

    Have you got a link to it. I'm looking for a B6 A4 1.8t
  10. mjc23

    leather interiors

    I paid £500 for mine. Exactly the same as in the pic, heated and electric lumbar. Although i still haven't got round to getting them working but they're pretty comfy. When i was looking for them, the black leather was quite hard to get hold of.
  11. mjc23

    Whats peeps views on this kit

    Too front heavy. Looks cheap! But each to their own i guess!
  12. mjc23

    how do you change the interior door lock pins?

    They screw off, but you'll need to grip it quite hard. And then they just slide off at the end. Not too tricky really. Hope that helps.
  13. mjc23

    Which wheels to go for??

    I need four new tyres so its pretty much gonna be the same price to buy 4 new wheels. Can't decide on whether to stick with the RS4 wheels which i really like or to opt for the RS6 wheels? Any opinions, or photoshop stuff would be great. Thanks, Matt
  14. mjc23

    refurbed alloys

    Looking good mate, big improvement. Can you put up a link to the thread you're talking about for the refurb.
  15. mjc23

    Retro fitting bose

    Hi, ive just bought a complete bose system from a 2000 S4 Avant. I know alot of you will say i shouldv'e gone aftermarket but i like bose! Can anyone give me and advice on how to get it working in my 2000 A4 avant. I currently have this headunit which i'm pretty sure is the one i need but need...
  16. mjc23

    Door handles

    Hi, wondered if anyone had any ideas on how the handles come out, do the speakers have to come out too?
  17. mjc23

    Door handles

    Thanks Doc, appreciate the reply. Ive managed to get the spring out of my old door card, but to get the spring in place i'm gonna need to get the handle out. How did you manage to take it out, does it juts pop out or is it glued/screwed? Thanks again, Matt
  18. mjc23

    Door handles

    Sorry back to my door cards again, just found the drivers side door has lost the spring on the door handle so it doesn't return back, these are s4 door cards and have the black handles. My old door cards have the silver door handles all working fine, so how easy is it to swap handles over, as...
  19. mjc23

    From wood Trim to a sexy gloss back trim

    Sounds like a nice if not painful touch, have you got any pics you could post up of it?
  20. mjc23

    Bose speaker set up

    Yes please! PM sent. Thanks, Matt