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    Carista App Now Avaliable For the 8V A3/S3 - PFL & FL Covered

    The main difference between first gen and the rest is the support for iPhone. I use Android so first gen was fine for me. I haven't purchased any credits in obdeleven as everything can be done in long coding or adaptations you just have to do a bit of googling first.
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    Carista App Now Avaliable For the 8V A3/S3 - PFL & FL Covered

    Found this online. I purchased "First Gen Device" then purchased a "Pro Plan Subscription" inside the app. You used to get free credits with any device purchased but that's not the case any more except with the Unlimited pack.
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    Carista App Now Avaliable For the 8V A3/S3 - PFL & FL Covered

    I tried a quick Google but couldn't find anything. I know it's a pain in the arris and more expense but I would really recommend the obdeleven tool and just pay for the pro subscription. The tool I bought was the £49.99 version which is white. I think the subscription was £50 ish for the year...
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    Carista App Now Avaliable For the 8V A3/S3 - PFL & FL Covered

    You might not be able to do it with carista. I didn't pay after the initial trial period I ended up paying for obdeleven and you can definitely do it with that. Sorry
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    DQ250 limiting my DTUK box gains?

    Hi. I managed to get hold of a cheap used DTUK tuning box for my S3 just out of curiosity more than anything. I fitted it no problems and as far as I can tell it is working. I say as far as I can tell because I don't have any engine lights or problems whatsoever and the box is powered up and...
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    Carista App Now Avaliable For the 8V A3/S3 - PFL & FL Covered

    Just started using it recently myself. I found carista easiest to use for the one click adaptations but it doesn't do long coding so I also had to sign up for obd eleven to long code some retrofits
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    Value for insurance - does it matter?

    Edit: just realised there's an insurance section. Admins please feel free to move this to there. Ta. My mother has a '18 S1 Comp from new with 8k miles on it and fash. This year when renewing her insurance they asked her the current value (which by the way I think is ridiculous, they can't...
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    Auto light and Auto Wiper retro fit guide

    I followed this guide recently and it all ended up working perfectly so thank you OP for this. A couple of notes for anyone else though. The first screenshot showing "rain_light_sensor" ... I couldn't find this anywhere in my Obdeleven Pro so I skipped that and continued on. It worked anyway so...
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    Oem rims
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    Saloon Boot spoiler

    Definitely missing. They're just stuck on so it's either been removed for some reason or else the boot was replaced with a standard saloon boot and badge replaced but not the spoiler
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    Rear cup holder options for S3 Saloon?

    Hi. Is there an OEM style solution to fit cup holders in the rear of the saloon? Mine has no rear arm rest. I was hoping there might be something that can be fitted to the the back of the front arm rest where the rear vents and power socket are? Thanks
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    Disc brake upgrade

    I just fitted these and they look well. Before fitting I masked off the braking surfaces and sprayed them with silver engine paint to avoid the dreaded rust
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    Sunscreen finger marks

    How about using a clay bar and some soapy water?
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    DSG Gearshift Knob red plastic ring?

    I suppose I could refine the model a bit further and see if I can get it so it doesn't need so much tinkering afterwards. If I can get one that literally just needs painted I'd be happy to post them to anyone for the price of a stamp and they could paint them themselves. FYI I used Misano Red...
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    DSG Gearshift Knob red plastic ring?

    That's exactly what I did. I only had black PLA so after printing I sanded, painted red and lacquered then fitted. I measured the original, designed a quick 2 piece part in freecad and printed it at 99% 100% and 101% scales at the highest quality. Took about 30 mins to print. End result is...
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    DSG Gearshift Knob red plastic ring?

    Unfortunately I don't have the broken off bit. I bought the car used (Audi Approved Used) and have only just noticed this now
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    DSG Gearshift Knob red plastic ring?

    I noticed the plastic red ring is broken on my dsg gear knob. Does anyone know if you can disassemble this somehow and replace the red ring. It seems silly to have to replace the entire shifter.
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    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    Mum's S1 Comp and my S3
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    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    OEM 19 inch wheels. Fuchs website says they are 8 J x 19, ET49
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    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    Fitted spacers. 15mm front and rear