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    GNJ Motorsport Progress Thread - See Here For The Latest S3 Parts!

    Any more pics of the whole car bud? The colour combo of black on black is what I'm aiming for if I order a new s3. Where are you based? Is it possible to get a ride with the tuning box fitted as a demo if one was interested in buying?
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    Panther Black S3 8V ?

    Cheers 👍
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    You wanted pics?

    The B&O speaker lights look the nuts! Thanks for the night shots - makes you appreciate just how nicely designed the interior really is!
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    Panther Black S3 8V ?

    Pilot, is the Phantom black the same in real life as the 8P Phantom black? That's what I have now in my 8P and it's great
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    Finance options?

    Thanks bud, I'm starting to think that. Just had Southampton Audi say the same thing on the phone just now...
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    Finance options?

    Hi all, I'm in a dilemma here as to whether to put in £20k as a deposit (part ex + £11k cash) OR just put in the value of my car (£9k) against the order and have slightly higher monthly payments. First time I've considered PCP and to be honest I'm tempted to throw in £20k but reading your...