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  1. bhavin1986


    Cheers bud. Well you can pick up an SE spec for as little as £5k. M sports are a little more...mine was £6k, and its a manual with all the extras so a bit of a bargain really! I think I'm enjoying it too much to worry about economy for now though...
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    Haha! Well the A3 was a fwd 101bhp 1.6 and the 330cd is a rwd 204bhp 3 litre, so chalk and cheese really pal! Still getting used to the tail happy bmw. The torque is incredible though...
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    Well, I sold my A3 yesterday...and have done the double by buying not only a diesel, but a BMW at that...! Would just like to say a big thank you for everyone's help over the 4 or so years I've been a member on here. I may not have been a regular poster, but have met some great people! So would...
  4. bhavin1986

    Strange Noise...

    Hi all, I'm posting this on behalf of my brother-in-law. He has a 1.8t B6 which has started to make a strange sound recently. We initially thought it was tyre noise, as it was fitted with one odd cheap multidirectional. Replaced this and the noise is still there. It doesn't happen when revving...
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    How many people use their S3 as their daily? ( and A3 )

    74 mile round trip a day in the A3.
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    Knocking noise from nearside

    I have the same issue on the driver's side. Got the car on the ramp, and checked everything. Wishbones, bushes, etc. Mechanic couldn't figure out what the noise was. Only thing I can narrow it down to are the top mounts. I have coilovers and have raised them recently. Interestingly this...
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    No Drive! Driveshaft issues...

    Cheers for the info mate. Its definitely the inner O/S Joint. I hope its the CV joint then and nothing more. Will update as I find out.
  8. bhavin1986

    No Drive! Driveshaft issues...

    Hi all, Yesterday, on my 1.6 sport A3 the driver's side wishbone to ball joint connection (3 bolts through the wishbone) somehow managed to come undone and the the front drivers side collapsed. Now this was an easy fix, I've just replaced the bolts, but now I have no drive. The O/S drive...
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    Edition 38 Pics Thread

    Fave Cars from the show:
  10. bhavin1986

    Edition 38 2011

    Agree, but I think its because its full of kids who only like to see the 'shiney shiney' finished product and only a handful appreciate the process thats required to acheive the finished article. Anyhow, I'll be there tomorrow!
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    TT Comps Centre Caps

    Hah! I didn't pay much more than that for the wheels and tyres! I've knocked them out easy from the underneath. They do feel like metal. If they're polished then I might look into re-polishing this set I have then as I already have a polishing kit. Cheers fella
  12. bhavin1986

    TT Comps Centre Caps

    I've just bought a bargain set of 17" TT Comps in Silver with tyres for the winter, but I'm after a set of centre caps. I've been scouting the bay, but can't find the type I'm looking for. They measure 55mm. Does anybody have a pic of the OEM TT Comp centre caps and anyone recommend a good...
  13. bhavin1986

    Installing Coilovers - How hard is it?

    Turn the thread so the ring moves closer to the ground, and your car will follow.
  14. bhavin1986

    Lingo's Audi A3 Project Thread. Warning: Picture-Heavy!

    Strong work mate. Can tell a lot of time and money went into this project. Now hit it with the lowering stick to finish it off! Love how all your before and after pics are precisely in the same position to each other too! OCD!?:lmfao:
  15. bhavin1986

    Anyone got a pic of an S3 with BBS LM's reps or real

    Plenty in the pics thread mate.
  16. bhavin1986

    Did the grill surround this morning

    Love the mk1 bonnet wrap write up! Hero! :lmfao:
  17. bhavin1986

    3M Di-Noc, cracking stuff.........

    Hah! I shouldn't laugh but I had the same thing happen to me last year. Had to pay £60 excess for windscreen cover so luckily not as bad as it could have been. Unlucky bud.
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    BBS LM buy real or reps?

    This. Use a quality sealant. Once every 3 months on the entire wheel. And I coat the dishes on mine with the sealant every other wash. Had my reps a year and no peeling what so ever. They still look brand new. You'll have no problems with a decent set of reps. If, however, you can afford to...
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    Installing Coilovers - How hard is it?

    Not sure how difficult it is with the quattros, but its pretty straight forward with the normal A3s. Will take all of half a day.
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    What do you think? False advetising or not.

    Why not ask the seller?