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    Returning member, Back in an Allroad

    I'm not normally a fan of modifying premium vehicles, but your choices look in keeping, and in my opinion, how the Allroad was meant to look. Rare, unique, clever.
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    Timing belt change on A6 (C8)

    Which engine do you have?
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    All season tyres 245/45 R19

    I need to replace my current tyres (P Zero AO NCS) on my 40TDI S-Line non-quattro. I really like the P Zero, particularly impressed by how well they wear, given they are performance tyre. However, on previous cars and my wife's car, I have fitted all season tyres, Michelin Crossclimate or...
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    Centre cap corrosion

    I use Autoglym Custom Wheels, a non-acidic cleaner. I'm aware of the issues around aggressive cleaning products.
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    Wing mirror fold position.

    I think that confirms they do not fold evenly. Thanks.
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    Wing mirror fold position.

    Abmat (yes they work normally) and Darren92 point towards this being normal. Would anyone be able to confirm this visually with their A6? Thanks.
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    Centre cap corrosion

    Hi, On my 19 plate S-line, all 4x centre caps have corroded. Presumably, I'm not the only one to experience this? Has anyone managed to get replacements under warranty? Thanks
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    Wing mirror fold position.

    Hi, I've just noticed the drivers and passengers wing mirrors are folding to different positions. The passenger folds to a position which is parallel to the side of the car, whereas the drivers side is not in as tight, roughly 15 degrees from parallel. See photo. I realise it's not a major...
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    'Auto Hold Release' settings

    I interpret this as the sensitivity of the brake release; sensitivity of the accelerator press (following an auto handbrake stop)
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    A6 MY22 Updates

    Reported on Autoexpress: "The previously optional Technology Pack is now standard across the range, bringing a digital gauge cluster, a wireless smartphone charger and upgraded navigation system to every model in the range. Vorsprung models also get a heated steering wheel as standard, while S...
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    Moving to an A6 Sport from A7 S-line

    Hi Dam0. I afraid I don't know the answers to your questions. I am however, intrigued to know why you didn't just buy an S-Line, since you appear to be prepared to spend thousands on bumpers, paint, alloys, and tyres?
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    Roof Ceiling light

    I'm not sure if you are aware of this resource: The "General Body Repairs, Interior" will probably help removing trim.
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    Best way to listen to purchased music?

    I use an SD card, moved from last car. An SD card has the advantage of not sticking out into the storage area. Regarding format. I was very sceptical about moving from CD (ultimate quality), to MP3, a compressed format and therefore inferior. I created MP3s at minimum compression 320kps. To be...
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    A6 sound system

    While I'm sure the B&O is a noticeable step up, I'm pretty impressed with the standard system. That said, my last car had a poor sound system, so perhaps I'm more easily pleased. Since the sub located under the boot floor is detachable, I just wondered if you have checked it is plugged in and...
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    Haptic pedal - can you turn off?

    I can understand how the vibrations could affect your pinned bone. I haven't tried switching it off, no, but it's not that. My issue is that my right leg is not fully in contact with the seat, so there is additional load on my heel which causes pain / partial numbness. I'm 5'11", so not...
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    Haptic pedal - can you turn off?

    Are you sure your foot ache is due to the feedback? Obviously, I don't know of your past injuries, but for me I get foot ache after about 1/2 hr. It's not something I realised until after owning the vehicle. This is due to, IMO, the accelerator and brake pedals being 2 inches too close to the...
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    New A6 - Dash Rattles and Left Foot

    In my opinion, the peddle/footrest positions are, very poor ergonomically. It really doesn't suit me, but I am convinced an alternative setup would be more comfortable for almost everyone. How Audi decided on this setup is beyond me. I imagine there are some Audi designers that have a different...