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    For Sale B8 S4 Winter wheels + winter tyres

    Full set of 4 immaculate Audi S4 winter wheels, with Continental Winter Contact TS850P tyres. I ran these on my 2018 A4 Avant. Refurbed in anthracite last october. All tyres have 4-5mm tread, so plenty of life left. No marks, punctures scratches or repairs. 7.5J ET43 £600 ono
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    For Sale B8 B9 A4 Avant Exodus Roof Bars

    Exodus roofbars for B8 and B9 a4 avant £70 collected Located in Carlisle
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    Wanted Audi A6 Avant or A4 Avant 2015+

    Looking for A6 Avant or potentially A4 no older than 2015 model. High spec is a must, ideally black edition 190 ultra but open to others no mega miles
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    Loba HPFP rough idle

    Mines sorted and running fine now, turns out my ITG intake had popped off whilst i was manhandling the filter a little bit to gain access to the HPFP fittings. Smirky, should be fine running an uprated HPFP or Uprated internals before getting it mapped as the new HPFP will only supply more fuel...
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    Loba HPFP rough idle

    Hi woodyS3, did you get to the bottom of this problem? As I've just had the exact same issue after fitting my new Loba HPFP?? Cheers
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    WellyCooler Vs Airtec / Peron / Pro alloy intercoolers

    Hi Alex, Do you know if the pro alloy is a direct replacement on the facelift s3 8p? I know some trimming of the crash bar is required for some of the coolers designed for the prefacelift? Tried searching but cant seem to find an answer? Cheers
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    WellyCooler Vs Airtec / Peron / Pro alloy intercoolers

    Just looking for a little info / advice, as been hearing mixed opinions, basically looking to go Stage 2+ in the next month or so and onto a TTE420 on my 2009 S3 8p 2.0 tfsi later on in the year.. Looking to buy a uprated Intercooler, so far from what ive read Pro Alloy, Peron and Airtec all...