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  1. Woorlord

    SQ5 Boot close via key

    Key fob has a boot button to open/close. Just checked and keep pressed to close (boot emits beeps as it closes).
  2. Woorlord

    Q5 21” Vorsprung Alloys- Replacement Inserts and Decals

    Ok that makes more sense now reading your original post!
  3. Woorlord

    Q5 21” Vorsprung Alloys- Replacement Inserts and Decals

    The 'Audi Decal centre cap' is a sprung fitting - I have 'black' ones on my 21" SQ5 wheels and 'grey' on an old A4/B6 17" alloys. The 'black' ones are part no. 8W0 601 170 A AX1 and they are really expensive - I recall over a year ago I paid around £25 each from Audi. They are significantly...
  4. Woorlord

    Q5 Reverse LED’s

    I sourced some '921/T15' Reversing LED's from (Audi A4/S4/RS4 – B8-B8.5 Reverse LEDs - 921/T15) for our FY 2018 SQ5. Simply swapped them out, 'plug&play' and no need for any recoding. Had them in since March '21 and you definitely notice the difference in brightness - eye...
  5. Woorlord

    SQ5 2014 Audi SQ5 Torque restriction Issue

    Not specific to Audi but related maybe? And this is specific to Audi -
  6. Woorlord

    SQ5 Geniune Audi retrofit towbar need assistance locating installation

    We have this on our 2018 SQ5 which we purchased second hand a year old from an Audi dealer. There is also a software license that is required to enable all the towbar related features. Not used the tow bar as yet and great that can be hidden out the way. Sorry no other info.
  7. Woorlord

    A4 3.0 Cab alarm siren location, please

    Just reposted - see above.
  8. Woorlord

    SQ5 Recall '91Y7 - S-Activating LTE Compensor'

    Noticed yesterday on the 'myAudi' App on my phone that there is a recall for our 2018 SQ5 - '91Y7 - S-Activating LTE Compensor' Have called our local Audi dealer and they advise this is to reconnect the aerial amplifier for the phonebox option which had previously been disconnected. In the UK...
  9. Woorlord

    Running a 3.0 asn engine not in a car

    I believe the ECU needs to talk to the instrument cluster which comprises the engine immobiliser. The steering column key assembly has a coil to sense the key immobiliser ID which is synced to the instrument cluster. By no means an expert on this aspect at all - just a high level view on...
  10. Woorlord

    SQ5 New Car...Old Stomping Ground!

    The rear bumper lights on the FY9 are kept in by a single T20 Torx accessed via the flip off square you can see on the bumper but you will require a long 250mm Torx driver. I had a standard driver and that was way to short, used a hex extension bar in a T-bar with a torx hex bit and it was a...
  11. Woorlord

    SQ5 New Car...Old Stomping Ground!

    What about reversing lights? Had a problem with an intermittent offside bumper light fitting and after repalcing the light cluster also decided to go LED on the reversing lights. The original T15 'Toshiba' filament bulbs did look reasonably white, but by comparison with the new very bright...
  12. Woorlord

    SQ5 Corrosion recall "product improvement" 2018 SQ5 UK

    Our 2018 SQ5 was inspected and not affected. Audi did advise prior to the inspection that parts would be required (trim /panel covers) if the car needed any remedial action on this recall and they had done this for some vehicles they had previously inspected.
  13. Woorlord

    SQ5 Corrosion recall "product improvement" 2018 SQ5 UK

    Booked our 2018 SQ5 in for MOT for next Wednesday 24th March and they advised of this recall check. Will see what they say and if they have any info.
  14. Woorlord

    SQ5 SQ5(FY) Rear DRL Coding

    Noticed our SQ5(FY) 2018 did not have the rear DRL's active. Searched high and low for the VCDS coding on the web and no clear coding. Older Q5 models advising byte-2 bit-7 of '09 Cent Elec' module but this setting was not valid for the FY. Tracked it down to byte-2 bit-3 ('sl_at_drl,active')...
  15. Woorlord

    Sold Genuine ROSS-TECH HEX-USB+CAN Cable (Unlimited VIN)

    Located in Tiptree, Essex. PM me to arrange a time and address.
  16. Woorlord

    Sold Genuine ROSS-TECH HEX-USB+CAN Cable (Unlimited VIN)

    Here on offer is my Genuine ROSS-TECH HEX-USB+CAN cable. This was originally purchased from ROSS-TECH directly from the United States and is an unlimited VIN cable with regard to use on compatible VAG vehicles. This cable is immaculate with no signs of any obvious wear, and has been used for...
  17. Woorlord

    Retrofitting Valeo HID Xenons to H7 Headlight

    The components you suggest look spot on apart from item #4 the supply cable - I am sure you can probably source the correct plug from somewhere - maybe worth a quick query with Audi and get some repair wires and make up your own correct plug. Mine are still going strong - never had one single...
  18. Woorlord

    Ambient light thread,

    Read response #10 above!