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  1. LawrenceH

    For Sale 2007 A4 convertible 2.0 TFSI auto

    2007 Audi A4 convertible. 134k miles. 2.0 TFSI. Automatic. MOT til 27/2/2021 Cambelt done Sept 2018 / 116k miles Remote roof open/close from key Bose audio Bluetooth phone/music connectivity Dual zone climate control Rear parking sensors Heated front seats Colour DIS Auto lights/wipers with...
  2. LawrenceH

    Heated seat temperature sensor

    I use them almost all the time. Mine has just had drivers seat done (07 plate), wife's tt was done a few months back (51 plate) and previous car had it done about 5 years ago (51 plate Discovery) so they're not unreliable as such, it's just wear and tear from it being bent around so much. It's...
  3. LawrenceH

    Heated seat temperature sensor

    Replaced the seat element with a 8E0 963 555AH from LLL Parts. Cost about £120 delivered. Stuck it on top of the old one as pulling it off would've destroyed the foam. Works a treat now.
  4. LawrenceH

    2007 A4 Convertible Roof Problem

    Ah ok that's the latch, I was thinking the lifting mechanism :icon thumright:
  5. LawrenceH

    2007 A4 Convertible Roof Problem

    Doesn't the whole lot run off the one motor/pump?
  6. LawrenceH

    Trailer + 7 pin hook up

    I don't have a dash button for the parking sensor either, just means when it's in reverse the buzzer is going constantly. For the amount of time I spend in reverse it's not worth worrying about. Relay was wired into the right hand cluster + a wire from the left side for the indicator. Mine's...
  7. LawrenceH

    Heated seat temperature sensor

    Did you change the entire element or is there a way of fixing/replacing just the temp sensor?
  8. LawrenceH

    Heated seat temperature sensor

    Hi all Temperature sensor seems to be shot in my drivers side heated seat. Seat heats up fully (base and back) but only sometimes, other times it stays stone cold. I've checked readings in VCDS and the current seat temp value is all over the place. Tried it a few days ago and the passenger...
  9. LawrenceH

    Are dash cams an issue during a M.O.T ?

    As long as it doesn’t obscure the drivers view then it’s no problem. Mine sits right behind the mirror on the passenger side and has never been mentioned.
  10. LawrenceH

    Any b7 bikers here??

    No point. First time I ride it to work and back it'll look like that again. I'll wash it in the spring.
  11. LawrenceH

    Any b7 bikers here??

    I have a Blackbird as my commuter, silly miles and worth peanuts but it still flies. Different cans and brakes have been changed since the phot, but its just as dirty. Oh and it's 22 years old today [emoji512][emoji322] Sent from my VOG-L29 using Tapatalk
  12. LawrenceH

    Parking sensor fault on 2005 b7

    Replaced one of mine a while back with a £10 ebay one, not too hard to do and worked fine since.
  13. LawrenceH

    Help - A4 b7 TPMS tyre pressure monitoring retrofit issues

    For what it's worth, my knock-off VCDS won't communicate with my radio at all, but my genuine one does. See if you can get access to a genuine cable.
  14. LawrenceH

    A4 b7 strange message on dash board

    Is that a function of RNSE?
  15. LawrenceH

    Boot opens from remote only?

    Good to hear it [emoji106]
  16. LawrenceH

    Boot opens from remote only?

    Unlock it with the key, should then work off the button on the bootlid.
  17. LawrenceH

    Saloon, avant and convertible tow bar compatibility?

    Anyone know whether a tow bar for a saloon or avant will fit on a convertible? Or if a b6 one will fit? Thanks [emoji106]
  18. LawrenceH

    A4 b7 play music via bluetooth

    I have one of these too and it works a treat. No factory BT and using a Concert2+. Only thing with the Lite is that you don’t get song name on the display, think the more expensive one does that though. It replaces the cd changer.
  19. LawrenceH

    Online Parts Catalogue?

    There’s also but I think the content is the same.