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  1. StuHolmes

    Aftermarket HU- Do I need CANBUS adaptor?

    While I was still dithering over the Becker or Blaupunkt I stumbled upon a Dietz canbus adaptor on ebay (£40). Since then I have now bought a Pioneer DEH-p700bt, although not as "factory" looking as the becker it is black with buttons and a display which can be changed to red, I think it looks...
  2. StuHolmes

    Aftermarket HU- Do I need CANBUS adaptor?

    I have a 2005 A3 Sportback SE with a non-BOSE Concert2, no multi-function steering wheel. Have been thinking about changing the HU as I need mp3 also would like built-in bluetooth. Really like Beckers Grand Prix units - smart simple OEM look:cool:, but @ £300 bit more than I (the wife! :whip:)...
  3. StuHolmes

    USB headunits

    The Blaupunkt USB HUs I'm looking at have a mini usb socket on the back and an extension lead which can be routed to glovebox or centre console. This can then be used to attach a memory stick containing mp3s or a simple mp3 player.