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    Recommend an engine reconditioner

    Hi Can anyone recommend a company to recondition my Audi A6 2.0 tdi engine please, preferably in the SE area, I'm based in Essex but willing to travel a couple of hours. Cheers
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    Audi 2.0 tdi (BRE) Group 13 measuring blocks

    Interesting, I have been told by some people that they should infact all be aroung 0.00 if running normal (at idle) and that the figures I have posted mean that injectors 2 & 3 are not working and that injectors 1 & 4 are working extra hard to compensate. It's all a bit confusing, still might be...
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    Audi 2.0 tdi (BRE) Group 13 measuring blocks

    Gents, I had my car (2007 Audi A6 2.0tdi BRE) scanned using an official VCDS system and in particular the measuring blocks for the fuel injectors and the results were as follows. Group 13 Idle stabalization (Injector Quantity Deviation) -3.01 mg/str cyl 1 2.99 mg/str cyl 2 2.99 mg/str cyl 3...