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  1. PastS1Owner

    DTUK Tuning Box For Sale

    I have a DTUK Tuning Box & Pedal Box + For sale if anyone is interested? PM me.
  2. PastS1Owner

    Thinking of selling the s1

    I love the RS3 Saloon too, but its just the price of it is ridiculous.
  3. PastS1Owner

    Selling my S1

    Very high price for a 3 year old S1 regardless of spec and miles. If you got £19,000 for it you'd be doing well.
  4. PastS1Owner

    Cheapest exhaust mods?

    Yeah I have both removed and it sounds perfect. Not too loud.... not in your face, just a nice rasp when your on full chat.
  5. PastS1Owner

    Bluefin Stage 1 on an S1 / Clutch

    Bluefin will also flag your car as being modified and give the "TD1" error, which will void your warranty if anything goes wrong with the car - well anything thats related to the increased power. The DTUK box throws up a different flag, one that doesnt mean its been modified but its more of a...
  6. PastS1Owner

    Cheapest exhaust mods?

    Remove the two silencer boxes. Gives a nice rasp.
  7. PastS1Owner

    Bluefin Stage 1 on an S1 / Clutch

    DTUK box is what most people run.
  8. PastS1Owner

    DTUK Tuning & Pedal Box For Sale

    I have a DTUK tuning box and pedal box for sale They are around 6 months old and still covered by warranty. These things have a 3 year warranty so still 2 1/2 left. All parts will be included including original box etc. £450 - ono
  9. PastS1Owner

    s1 clutch HELP

    Ive had the standard clutch in my car now for 20,000 miles with a remap and its been absolutely fine. I just dont drive like a dik everywhere. Never launch it etc.
  10. PastS1Owner

    S1 Insurance

    Dont they have a cap of £20000 on their cars?
  11. PastS1Owner

    S1 Insurance

    Mine is up and Im getting silly prices of around £1000 Driving for 10+ years with 3 years NCB... Who did you guys go with and who do you recommend?
  12. PastS1Owner

    TDI Tuning Box - Anyone Used it?

    Im running 2 +2 on mine...
  13. PastS1Owner

    AUDI RS1 Grill - I HAVE ONE!

    Prefer the standard S1 Grill to be honest.
  14. PastS1Owner

    TDI Tuning Box - Anyone Used it?

    Apparently it doesnt throw up the TD1 flag that a normal remap will as the box sends the correct figures back to the ECU.
  15. PastS1Owner

    TDI Tuning Box - Anyone Used it?

    I use a DTUK box, as did many others on here and have never had a problem. Nearly 20,000 miles and no clutch issues - but I dont drive it like a tit. Just the odd boost here and there.
  16. PastS1Owner

    Sachs organic clutch finally fitted

    £1760 for a clutch flywheel and cylinder? Holy **** thats expensive. as feck.
  17. PastS1Owner

    Sachs organic clutch finally fitted

    What was the total cost for clutch and fitting? Did you do the flywheel too?
  18. PastS1Owner

    HG-Motorsport video by

    It would be ok if you could turn the pops and bangs on and off. Like in comfort mode no pops and bangs, but dynamic yes.
  19. PastS1Owner

    A1/S1 Rear Wing, made in Japan

    Very Focus RS looking.
  20. PastS1Owner

    Lowering Springs Pic Request

    Did you have any spacers fitted?