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  1. killa_z

    Boot floor storage/luggage net question ???

    does anybody know if they do these fit all A5's? sportback/cabriolet etc? i have mine from my standard coupe which i no longer have, hence the sale of this but wanted to know if it fits...
  2. killa_z

    A5 'S' Line

    i dont think the sline will be anytime soon, probably a convertable version before that! if it does, just swap your car back in - if you have a sport by then get the A5 sport over ANY bmw 3 series - i did, trust me, you wont regret it
  3. killa_z

    Looking at getting a a3 3.2 quattro s-line (Newbie)

    in my opinion its a great car, despite what everyone says, search my posts and my mini write up of it is there from when i first got one, alternatively pm me for any other details/questions you want to know or have
  4. killa_z

    A REVO re map for the 3.2 :) mmmm

    looks like you'll need a milltek exaust system and a bmc filter to match that remap, sould be a real compliment to it, i happen to have both of those for a 3.2 for sale :yes: pm me if you're interested
  5. killa_z

    de-badge question?

    cheers, i have to drive to school in it so now i like school!
  6. killa_z

    de-badge question?

    its raining down here, so as soon as we get some nice weather i'll get some up, heres a shot from the front taken on my iphone which i could resist; i told myself i wouldn't take any pics until its a nice day and proper cleaned, waiting for the v5 to come through aswel so i can get my private...
  7. killa_z

    Anyone chipped/rempped their A5?

    just wanted to know if any of the very few A5 owners we have here have done an ecu mod of some sort and what you think of it am personally looking for a plug and play application myself whereby i can simply remove it if need be like for when i take it to the dealership for example any...
  8. killa_z

    de-badge question?

    no prob, its odne now, looking MUCH better, more clean,smart and slick...
  9. killa_z

    de-badge question?

    are the badges stuck on or will it leave holes if i remove mine? im pretty sure they are simply glued/sticky padded on as was my previous 8p a3 but just wanted to make sure thanks
  10. killa_z

    A5/S5 Drivers - How Do Other Road Users Treat You?

    2 days with mine and treatment is good and friendly, its a real looker, people will watch it all day (probably wondering what it is as most people dont even know about this model!), i suppose the area/people you live in/around is a factor am very pleased with the car so far
  11. killa_z

    Just got my new A5! ipod ready question...

    the dealership said it would cost £395 supplied and fitted if i wanted this extra added, is there a cheaper alternative? its apparently a docking type thing installed in the glovebox (i want the one where i control it from the screen and not the ipod itself)
  12. killa_z

    Few parts for sale...

    as this would cause alot of listing in the classifieds section whereby some adverts will be unnecessary as theres alot of interior trims/panels ive got here spare i decided to make this thread main item would be: milltek cat back exaust system for a 3.2 V6 model (i'll list this in the...
  13. killa_z

    Quick spec question.....?

    does the 3.0TDI sport version come with xenon and drl lcd lights as a standard? thanks
  14. killa_z

    Need help on valuation/estimating price of A3...

    basically my car has been written off courtesy of the gentleman whos name i didn't bother getting insurance's engineers have deemed it uneconomical to repair leaving me a courtesy car citroen c4 whilst awaiting a pay out to buy another, im not too annoyed as it wasnt my fault but am at the...
  15. killa_z

    de-cat pipe?

    anyone know where i can get one from? to match a milltek cat back system? thanks
  16. killa_z

    S3 wheels

    didint read the whole thread but if anyone is after a set of OEM RS4 wheels, please see the classifieds section, need to sell within the next day or two, VERY CHEAP
  17. killa_z

    3.2 V6 Insurance - 20 years old

    19 yrs old here, got me a 2004 3.2 V6 insured fully comp with me as 2nd named driver and my sis as policy holder and main driver, 7yrs NCB with elephant and I'm just paying a little over a grand! Dont ask me how, I call it a fluke / 'glitch in the system' All I can say is goodluck mate...
  18. killa_z

    A3 Trim

    as si says, they are changeable these are VERY easy to change, for the door cards (front and rear) its a simple case of pulling them off (clips) but be careful not the snap anything and pushing the new ones in! the astray and gear stick surround will be different though, a little bit trickier...
  19. killa_z

    What Will Be Your Next Audi?

    current RS4 or S5 if i could if i were to change brand, probably an M6 or even a CLS diesel something about the coupes (and the rs4) which draws me in....