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    PCV repair

    Is this pipe also known as a charcoal something or other?
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    ESP Functionality

    ok cheers. ive had it coded off by a local garage but they coudnt tell me what was the problem. its due service this month due wondered in advance, thanks peeps
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    ESP Functionality

    im having a problem with mine , problem being i cant turn it off. the lights on constantly ? any suggestions please
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    A3/S3 videos

    the scoob , as u can see i got a good start :) scared him a little, but hes pusing 420hp so it was inevatable
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    A3/S3 videos

    me vs my old man
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    Boot Lights not working

    ive got the same problem.. any suggestions people? .. thanks
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    haldex oil from AUDI

    they just quoted me £13 for the oil? is this right as ive been looking on ebay and its more like £30 -£40 cheers
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    New RS4 replicas

    hi all, been trawlin through here looking for an s3 with these on. was going to go for the RSTT's but they are quite common and wondered if anyones got these on ! ideally would get some bentley's but thats serious dough :( appriciated
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    Santa Pod

    got back from thepod today.. ran a best time was 14.7 .. not bad for a 210bhp model i think :D
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    Santa Pod

    looking to go to santa pod this saturday :D im very much looking foward to it, goin with a few friends n fam. taking my standard 210 S3 and im up against 04 Subaru WR1 (tuned by roger clark) 07 audi rs4 convertible (standard) old Skyline gts (tuned) anyway,,i doupt im going to be anywhere...
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    How old are you S3 drivers/owners??

    21 no s3's as a first car then..
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    HALDEX OIL & FILTER???? Audi S3

    its about £100 to have it done at an audi stealer
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    im also after a leather armrest, has anyone got any pictures of one.. dont like the idea of metal poles running into the back (not that i spend much time there) £140 .. robbery
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    Brakelight sensor + collant temp sensor

    after a service at audi, the come up with these 2 faults, my s3 seems to be running fine. they quoted me nearly £200 to fix the 2. just wondered if anyone else has had these and if it needs doing i would of though the brakelight sensor just tells me when my lights are out.. and my...
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    S3 on Junior Apprentice - Anyone on here????

    i see this, s3 drivers who work there are too upmarket for the rif-raf on ASN
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    Fitted my Autobahn88 TIP

    make this guy an offer!! i got mine for £45 from this seller, only took about a week to arrive
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    Your Thoughts Please Gents!

    i dont know why people have the asumption that dearler cars are somewhat better? it has only been part ex'd from private anyway. if your worries about warranty go for (quentin wilson 1) very good warranty! i paid 6500 for my silver s3 6 months back, pretty much the same as...