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    Temp Gauge

    If I run it for a while will it affect fuel consumption , doesnt seem to be having any affect at the moment?
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    massive downgrade

    Cheeky ageist pillock , I am 52 and enjoy my S3 just as much as anyone no matter what their age what the heck has age got to do with it ?
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    Temp Gauge

    Hi all , my temp gauge gets to 90 deg as normal , however , when coasting , going down hill or accelerating hard it dips to about 85 on the dial then slowly rises and dips sporadically for the rest of the journey . The car drives fine and mpg is averaging 32.6 which I think is ok for an S3 ...
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    Engine oil temp

    Does anyone know what the engine oil temp should ideally run at on a 2007 S3 . Using the check function on the dis mine fluctuates between 79 and 81 C . I cant find any reference to the ideal temp . This was on a drive at 55 ish for 15 miles , country lanes behind traffic , never reved above...
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    Engine (coolant) temperature dipping below 90 with AC on?

    Hi , my S3 occasionally drops to about 87 degs . Will this affect economy and/or running ?I havent noticed a change and was going to leave fixing it until the next service or if it gets worse , Cheers for any advice ...
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    Rattle from os rear...possible broken spring?

    I had the same issue , and thought the same as you . Car was booked in at Audi that week so I mentioned it to them . Turned out to be a stone nestling in a gap on the base of the suspension.
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    Clutch on way out ?

    Hi all , driving my 2007 S3 with 63k on the clock a couple of weeks ago in 6th put my foot down and it revved up slightly , felt like an automatic. A week later accelerating from 3k revs in 6th felt a slight rise in revs then back down again . I have tested it over a few journeys since and it...
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    Audi S3 aircon prob

    Mine did this , it was a faulty sensor fixed under warranty last year , all ok now
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    Windows frozen

    My passeger window is frozen , wont open , but the drivers side does . Anyone else have this problem ?
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    AUDI In The SNOW!!!

    Love the wheels ! got the same on my red s3
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    Cambelt , your thoughts

    Hi all , I had a call from Audi today saying my 2007 S3 is due a cambelt change . It was registered in June 2007 so surely I have a couple of months yet ? Also phoned an independant for a quote and was told 330 with waterpump which I thought was excellent , got a call back an hour later saying...
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    New tyres suggestions?

    I've just put Falken 452 s on my S3 and they seem very good , especially at 95 quid a corner all in .
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    EPS Flashing

    Hi all , my S3 has started flashing the eps on the dash when I floor it hard . The wheels arent spinning but not noticed this before to this extent . The tyres are down to about 2mm and the roads are cold , sometimes wet , is it normal to get the light flashing . New tyres on the way next week ...
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    Service book and light

    Anyone help with this
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    Service book and light

    Hi all , the service now due is coming up on my S3 even though the dealer stamped it on Nov the 24th last year and I have only done 9k miles .Is it usual to come on early , it is on Time and distance regime , cheers .
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    TYre Choice

    Hi all , just after your thoughts on tyres if you would . I went to my usual bloke , an independant who gives good service , and after reading threads on here decided to gto for Falken 452s . He has given me a price of 95 quid per corner on 225 40 18 which is a good price , but he said he could...
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    Coolant level dropped then stopped

    When I checked my coolant level last week I noticed it was one or two mm below its usual level . Just checked again and it has fallen no further over the last week . Anyone have any idea why this would happen for the first time in 9000 miles since its last service . Could it be the colder weather ?
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    Hotel/Airport parking

    Hi all , next month I am flying out of Manchester airport and need to leave the car for a week as well as stopping over the night before. I hate leaving the S3 in parks , can anyone recommend a good hotel/airport parking at Manchester which will give me piece of mind , thanks..
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    Daily Use

    Just interested in how many miles S3 drivers do daily. My commute 80 miles a day now albeit temporarily , my normal is 10 miles . Im a bit pee'd off with work putting extra miles on the car . They are great driving roads though , so having fun as well . How many miles a day do you d ?
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    Air Con Problem

    Well , the aircon started working properly a week ago . I kept my appointment at Boston Audi to get it checked anyway and the service dept could not find any fault . They gave it a full aircon service anyway and replaced a faulty rear wiper jet which I knew nowt about. Also got the car cleaned...