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    Standard Suspension to SLine style drop, what aftermarket springs?

    What springs or combination would you recommend?
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    Standard Suspension to SLine style drop, what aftermarket springs?

    Sorry for late reply, my std dampers would have covered around 100k.
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    Standard Suspension to SLine style drop, what aftermarket springs?

    Hi all, I bought my B8 with a set of FK suspension installed, they were terrible on the roads I drive on, bumpy and crashy and the car was too low imo, so needless to say I took them out after a week. My car is TFSi in Sport trim but has standard suspension and i'd like to give it a subtle...
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    Remap 1.8 TFSI 160 & Custom Exhaust- Yay/Nay

    Hi folks, I have my 1.8TFSI about 6 months now and its been very reliable and enjoyable to own. However coming from a MK5 GTi, it is wanting for a bit more power. I am thinking of remapping the car and getting a custom made exhuast, comprising stainless steel centre and rear silencer...
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    Best Suited Alloys

    Are you based in NI? Ive a set of 18" A5 wheels that I would part ex for your standard wheels if you were interested.
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    100000 Miles Club

    Have 190kms (118k mls) on my 1.8TFSi, burning very little oil either and running perfectly. Loves throwing bulb errors though which is a bit of an annoyance.
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    Dipstick 1.8 TFSi

    Hi guys, Tried the search function for this but nothing came up on the 1.8 TFSi. Like many of you I don't fully trust the MMI, have any of you added a dipstick on the 1.8? If so would you have a part number or is there a universal type that fits? Thanks in advance.
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    Cheap FK coilovers, anyone used these?

    There was a FK cup kit in my car when I bought it, dampers and 60/40 mm springs. Although the car rode fine and steered fine the rattles from the suspension were unbearable and I took them out in a week. It sounded like links or worn bushes but the car had just passed its NCT (irish MOT) before...
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    B8 A4 TFSi Cooling fan staying on

    Cheers for the replies guys, I read in the manual that it's normal for the fan to stay on for up to 10mins. It doesn't do it all the time.
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    If you could have any Audi

    Has to be an R8 V10 if money was no object!
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    B8 A4 TFSi Cooling fan staying on

    Maybe its just the norm then? Seems unusual though. The only time any of my previous cars would do this was when I was stuck in traffic for a long time.
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    B8 A4 TFSi Cooling fan staying on

    Anyone help with this one?
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    B8 A4 TFSi Cooling fan staying on

    Hi all, New to the forum and Audi's. Recently bought a 1.8 TFSi 160, loving the car so far. However I've noticed the fan has been staying on for a few mins when i stop after any sort of spirited driving, now this wouldn't be unusual for driving in urban traffic but this is after motorway or...
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    Post pics of your B8 A4/S4...

    My new TFSi 160
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    New member from Ireland- B8 A4

    I'll just copy this in from another forum Picked this up tonight after selling the MK5 GTi a few days ago. Its a 2008 B8 A4 TFSi 160 bhp, Sport Spec. Afaik full S Line Spec wasn't available on the irish market in early 08 but a Sport spec was offered with S Line style seats, half leather and...