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    Cades Tyrus 18" staggered wheel fitment?

    Thank you, I have tried to change the title per your request. I do not believe the two threads I have posted today are the same type of question. One is about a specific wheel fitment (rubbing with the extra wide rears is a concern), the other is requesting a picture of a specific type of...
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    Retro Calibre 18"

    NEW 18" RETRO CALIBRE DUB BLACK/POLISHED DEEP DISH ALLOYS et45, BM Autosport Ltd Hi, does an yone have a picture of these, or similar, on a black A3?? Thanks, Paul P.S. I couldnot find anything in the rims thread!!
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    Cades Tyrus 18" staggered wheel fitment?

    Hello again! NEW 18" CADES TYRUS DEEP DISH MESH ALLOYS STAGGERED WITH 9" REAR et45/45, BM Autosport Ltd Could anyone tell me how these would run. Lowered about 30mm?? Moving from a MKiV golf, all the Offsets etc.. is new to me!! Thanks, Paul
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    Will these fit

    Thank you Sandra!
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    What's supposed to be in here !!

    Bottom right is for a removable tow ball! Paul
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    Will these fit

    Hi Guys, I have just moved over from Ukmkiv. I have bought an A3 3.2 qtr!! Please could someone help me, if these would fit: KERSCHER CS 18" SPLIT RIMS 5X112 RARE 3 PIECE WHEELS NEW TYRES VW AUDI BBS OZ | eBay I think they will be tight, but look so much nicer than the usual BBS LM reps...