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    Post your eBay, Classified and For Sale links and wanted in here. Do not create a thread.

    Selling my 2012 S3 sportback so some bits for sale Autotech fuel pump internals £225 plus postage Ceramic Revo Intake £190 plus postage 10/12mm front and rear spacers £50 plus postage- Provisionally sold to Scottyp45 Relentless down pipe £200 plus postage Miltek non res cat back £300...
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    S3 anything to look out for?

    For what it’s worth, try and scan any car for fault codes after a drive. I bought a 2012 S3 and 3 weeks later the Quattro stopped working., turned out it had an intimitant fault. As I had warranty the car was fixed at a total cost of £4800 from Audi, new rear dif/final drive and haldex unit...
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    North East members, I could use your help.. Again.

    It was done on the side by a lad who did a lot of exhaust work on my mps3. Not knocking anyone but it's only a few bolts and with the right tools is fairly straight forward. It's and exhaust after all.
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    North East members, I could use your help.. Again.

    Quick fit in Sunderland mate did mine. The one next to Mobray park.
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    Quick question (mainly for North East members)

    I had mine done at the performance centre in Sunderland, based in leechmere industrial estate.
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    Spotters thread for A3/S3 8L chassis

    I know what you mean, typically see what look like abused examples. May well see you again and will make sure I wave.
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    Spotters thread for A3/S3 8L chassis

    Guilty as charged Imola-s3. I was taken by your motor too, love the Imola. Thanks for the kind words about my nogaro. Was on my way to Leeds for work.
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    MOT nightmare

    No mechanic but perhaps remove the fuse for the 4x4? May help. I am sure the experts will be along soon
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    S3 2003 headlights- where to get replacements

    Thanks Tuffty. Lenses are a little gone but the self levelling does not work and they have been bodged and bodged again hanging on by a DIY fix. I had hoped of an after market solution to replace.
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    S3 2003 headlights- where to get replacements

    As title really, headlights are past it so looking to buy new ones but where from?
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    Advice s3 18t quattro 2001

    Hi mate. I am sure someone with extensive and superior knowledge will be along shortly but have you checked for fault codes?
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    What to do, 2003 S3

    Well, after buying a bit of a lemon I have brought my s3 up to a decent standard. Fully serviced, got a new clutch and turbo when I bought it in September last year. I have replaced most if not all vac pipes, it came with a turbo inlet pipe and jetex filter fitted and revo stage 2 remap. I have...
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    Grey smoke when sat in traffic?

    I had the mayo look under my oil cap but it only appeared on short journeys and my oil cap was bust! Cheap fix and nothing to worry about. Mine also has the smoke occasionally on tick over but again usually only seen on short journeys.
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    High flow airfilters vs OEM----

    As someone who had lightly tuned a number of cars with performance air filters being a starting point, on a std car they make little difference as proven on my brothers rs4 which lost c25bhp with a carbon jobbie cost many pounds over std. My experience for what it's worth has been that when I...
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    What have you done today?

    Gave Alex her first polish. Front bumper needs a re spray like
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    Post pics of your A3/S3

    Help if pics uploaded!
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    Post pics of your A3/S3

    Gave Alex a quick polish today, she looks good I think.
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    What have you done today?

    Was this a straight swap?