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    Should I Daily my RS3?

    I do 15 to 20k miles per annum on pretty crappy roads, had always planned on having the RS3 as a second car but now considering running it as my only car just for the summer? I feel like for a short period it probably works out ok, but not over a long period. I'm also driven by the fact my...
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    Sports Exhaust?

    Think i've answered my own question - the only way to spec a sports exhaust back in september was to add the full 5k ceramic brake pack - so I guess I skipped that!
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    Sports Exhaust?

    Was the sports exhaust standard anyway on the carbon? - I've ordered a carbon due in a few weeks.... didn't spec an exhaust but on Audi's website it seems like the car comes with the sports exhaust anyway
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    Audi FS finance apr for rs3

    Think Halifax banking app is about 4.4% that's what I'll probably useas long as it doesn't wildly change between now and when the car arrives
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    RS3 Configuration (let's see what you've got then)

    Was like £1300 quid I think, tbh I didnt realy look at the bill - unless i've misunderstood the options somehow and specced some other suspension package ??
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    RS3 Configuration (let's see what you've got then)

    Went in to the garage yesterday specced the car no problem sticking the suspension on as an individual option - no choice of red interior stitching on interior though :(