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    2.5 tdi v6

    im trying to find an engine cover for my quattro sport if anyone can help...... 2002 2.5tdi v6
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    2.5tdi compatability

    hi does anyone know if the 2.5tdi engine from an a6 (98-04) is the same as the unit from the a4 b6 chassis? have found a turbocharger from one and need to know if it will fit..... will check part number compatabilty once item arrives, just wondering if anyne knew, cheers
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    turbo refurb 2.5tdi

    ive already cleaned up the turbo with cleaning soloutions, even removed the turbo and took it apart to make sure all was working correctly before refitting it, but......the problem is still there :(
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    turbo refurb 2.5tdi

    Hi Does anyone know a good turbo refurb place in the home counties area? The overboosting problem wont go away and i need to bite the bullet now, but dont wanna be paying stupid money for a new turbo cheers
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    VAG-COM Log - Boost Issue 2.5TDi - N75?

    Hi mate, ive had the exact same problem with my 2.5tdi, and have changed the n75, thrust sensor, and another 2 others, plus the intercooler and the vacuum pump. the problem is still there and after having it checked it came down to the one thing i didnt want it to be, needs a new turbo :(
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    Still overboosting!!!!

    A4 2.5tdi, still overboosting, changed boost switch on intercooler, boost vacuum sensor, vacuum pump, replaced all vacuum pipes with silicone items, removed turbo and cleaned(all vane operations working correctly), only thing not replaced so far is actuator. Initial boost under load goes over...
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    Turbo actuator....

    Does anyone know where i can get hold of an actuator for my A4 2.5tdi 2002 model. Audi only supply the turbo as a whole unit, as do turbo technics and turbo dynamics...... there are a couple on ebay but i'd rather buy from a supplier than from an unknown source....
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    Vacuum Pump fault......?

    Have a problem with my 2002 2.5tdi which is causing the turbo to overboost. There doesnt seem to be enough vacuum to close the vanes on the turbo causing it to carry on boosting when it shouldnt, especially when braking. There is no fault with the braking system itself and the servo appears to...
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    Overboosting V6 tdi........HELP!!!!

    Im going to be checking the actuator tomorrow, just for leaks and stuff. Do you know of anyone that has used the Innotec cleaner and what results theyve had. Someone else mentioned a cleaning product earlier today but not sure what it was called, it may be the same one. Forgot to mention that...
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    Overboosting V6 tdi........HELP!!!!

    Does anybody have any ideas for my 2002 2.5 v6 tdi quattro sport? It seems to have an overboosting problem, it fact 'seems' is a little understatement as when it was on diagnostic computer last week the boost pressure peaked at 36psi!!!!! The car starts and drives fine, boost is all good until...
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    Votex bodykit (grilles)

    Thanks mate, ive been looking for a little while now so im sure i'll be in touch :)
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    Votex bodykit (grilles)

    Hi all, so nearly finished my quattro sport tdi but i so badly need to source the bumper grilles for the kit. The kit in question is the Gmbh Votex kit with front and rear valance, but ive been told that this kit is no longer produced and as such nor are the grilles. Any ideas people as the...