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    S2 Coupe For Sale

    For Sale 1993 Audi S2 Coupe 2.2 20v Turbo Quattro Indigo Blue 6 Speed Box Air-Con Full Black Leather interior Electric Windows \ Mirrors 17” Porsche Replica Alloys 7” Kenwood TouchScreen TFT 10x Disc Changer (MP3 Compatible) DVD Player Bosch Iris Alarm Toad Cat 1 Alarm Remote Central Locking...
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    Fitted an N2O kit on my S2 (ABY) Coupe, stunning performance gains and i've only just started playing!!!! If used sensibly, ie, not tring to acelerate in 6th from 30mph, it doesnt cause more engine wear etc and is a superb way of getting around lag, plus being a turbo it cools charge down...
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    Hey Doug

    Ello Doug, keep meaning to sign up to this board, thought of it earlier cos i found my Audi-Sport stickers i got from Inters. Car is looking sweeeeeeeet still!!!