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    HELP ME! Beat the GOLF R

    voted for ya... good luck!
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    Audi S3 8P Dash into Audi S3 8L

    the TT has those air vents and that dash is reasonably easy to fit... I'm just finishing up mine...
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    TT dash swap issue

    hey guys, in my project thread you can see that I'm doing a TT dash swap in my 2000 S3 APY. i have brought the car to an audi dealer to get the cluster to work with my car but they say this cluster is too new? I need to get one from an older car. I have the cluster out of a 2001 TT 1.8t. Is...
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    New project!

    soo wee update regarding my project... I absolutely hate the look of the standard dash, plus there were some stains on it and a vent was busted. Good time to swap it out for something better... here are some pics of my car and dash project in progress: on the hunt now...
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    New project!

    I think to be honest id be happy if i would be pushing those numbers for now, and when I want more i could just swap out the hybrid for a gt2871 for a but more power... the turbo that i got is rated to 360hp as said by the seller, but i figured thats aimed a bit high lol. anyone got a ballpark...
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    New project!

    what size injectors would you recommend? is it ok to go much bigger and use a certain percentage of their capacity (depending on the remap I presume?) or is it better to max out injectors, so just get the ones that are rated for my goal?
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    New project!

    thanks for that! doesn't seem to be that much of an issue... this is the engine as it comes:
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    New project!

    Hi Guys, my name is Michael and I live in Christchurch, New Zealand. I have had a few projects in the past including a few MK4 Supra's until my recently sold CLK55 AMG. I currently own a mk5 Golf R32 and just picked up a 2000 Audi S3. The S3 is meant to be a project and have done some research...