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    3 zone rear heater/aircon

    Thanks for that. May pop it into my local garage see if they can find anything.
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    3 zone rear heater/aircon

    Yeah, may be one for somebody that knows what they are doing...... not a dealer right enough....
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    3 zone rear heater/aircon

    Not sure where to start to be fair!!!! Can't find anything online showing how to get into it.....
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    3 zone rear heater/aircon

    Anybody had any issues with rear vent centre console vent constantly blowing (very) hot? Several times especially on longer drives have noticed hot air from rear centre console vent. Set temp to low and air is roasting. Vent/controls get hot to the touch. Have to turn it to max, which then stops...
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    1.4 TFSI engine jerks

    Yeah, I made the misfortune of buying this too. Mine does it, usually worse when cold, but not 100% of the time. Thought I had cured it after fuel cleaner and new air filter. Seemed better for a bit, but back to jerking again. Pain in the ****. If you ever get to the bottom of it, let me know.....
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    Hullo, from deepest darkest Renfrewshire. Owner of a 1.4TFSI A4 sport with all the extras. Nice enough car to drive, but wish I had gone for a diesel.....!!