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    My A3 failed its MOT costing more than the cars worth!

    I'm not a mechanic so as much as simple things like taking wheels off etc I can do, though I'm not able to break the car myself or have space to even do it. Though I know I'd get more money for it if it was stripped :( The ECU isn't blown per se, that I'm aware of, perhaps I phrased it wrong...
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    My A3 failed its MOT costing more than the cars worth!

    Thanks, both, I should have said while I understand that garages are mostly looking out for themselves I know this garage well with a good friend that looks after the mechanical side of things, so I do trust what they say. Brakes yes, there is play I know of in the brakes, the car stops, don't...
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    My A3 failed its MOT costing more than the cars worth!

    Hey all, I've got a conundrum, my A3 went in for its MOT earlier today but the garage has spotted some large faults that are putting the repair bill to about £2k to put right, more than what I would think the car's worth! The faults are: ABS Pump has gone Rear nearside spring cracked (car's...
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    Hi mate, I'm looking for a set of resistors for a set of LED fog lights...

    Hi mate, I'm looking for a set of resistors for a set of LED fog lights (, they work fine at the moment but throw dash errors. Do you supply any resistors and a quick how-to wire them up?
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    A little trip to BCS Exhausts :-)

    Just to jump in here, how much as a typical BCS system, turbo back for a 2006 TDI sportback, or should I move this post to a separate thread :blink:
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    front splitter

    Just to jump on the band wagon here I got the Cupra R splitter (£40 ish from eBay last year) and got mine sprayed before fitting: You get a bit of a gap around the middle where it doesn't fit quite right but for the time being its good. Though my car is slammed so it's got a few stone chips.
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    Post your eBay, Classified and For Sale links and wanted in here. Do not create a thread.

    Few things for sale! Audi A3 "Star" 5-Spoke 17" Alloys (with Tyres): On eBay on 7Day listing. Two tyres are 5mm+ tread the other two are <0.9mm. £225 on eBay though happy to entertain offers. Collection only (Bath). Tyres are 225/50/17...
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    What size wheels will fit my A3? Lowered 50mm

    Looks tidy mate, and nice metal plates :) Is that wind deflectors on there I see too?
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    What size wheels will fit my A3? Lowered 50mm

    Speedlines are mint, they'll look good at -50mm, though what A3 have you got? bog standard, sportback, S3 etc? Put some pics up when you get them mate! One thing i'd say is if you have a fully loaded boot or people in the back you might want to remove the rear bumper arch screw (rear underside...
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    Help Needed - A3 sportback

    Hi car mate, like the front valance :) I have the same era sport back and I thought about getting an Sline rear, though instead went for a lower valance change, I really liked the bumper strip bumpers so I got this one...
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    New on here need help

    @KieranBlackA3 here we go...
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    Pressed Plates and De-Badging - subtle and simple

    What reason did they give? I'm pretty sure these plates are reflective, which is one of the major issues whether they're legal/illegal.
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    New on here need help

    Kieran why say that? This isn't isn't a let down at all, in fact it's one of the better sites out there when it comes to community and advice. It's helped me out and given me some good ideas. If your referring to no one replying to your thread give it time for people to post back to you! As for...
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    Any VCDS users near/around the Bath area?

    I might have to resort to that Mindak! Where you based? Staz, that would help muchly, would you be able to recode the lights?
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    I'll have to keep an eye out for you Chris, I live just near Norton too. Your's isn't the 3door with debaged honeycomb front grill? (there's two I know of around this area, ones mine!)
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    Any VCDS users near/around the Bath area?

    Hey all, Any VCDS owners like to lend a chap a hand recoding some '09 rear lights on a 2006 sportback? And perhaps a couple of other little coding tweaks for a couple of beer's? B
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    Wheel arch rust

    yea, It's the pre face lift. Not sure what caused it tbh, I'm guessing some chip or something that's let air/water to the metal. Or a poor job if it had been been done before. I gotta get the car into the bodyshop anyway for some other bits so might see if they can do me a deal :)
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    Wheel arch rust

    Just spoke to the closest Audi body shop to me, they do repair body/paintwork under the 10 year warranty if the area/panel etc is the original, so not resprayed etc. I have a feeling it has been done in the past. They did say bring the car down and they'll take a look but the earliest they can...
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    Wheel arch rust

    Oh now that I didn't know, I've not seen any warranty info about it.