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  1. oxford_ara_S3

    Milltek or Remus non res GPF S3

    Hello all I am wanting to upgrade the exhaust system on the S3, has anyone got pictures and sound clips of a standard GPF car with a non res Milltek or Remus system? I’m after OEM look, chrome tips etc. cheers
  2. oxford_ara_S3

    2019 S3 Tyre choice

    Hi everyone What tyres are people running on their S3’s? I want to change the factory P Zeros soon and just wandering what to go for... thanks David
  3. oxford_ara_S3

    2019 S3 OPF....

    That would be amazing pal thank you
  4. oxford_ara_S3

    2019 S3 OPF....

    Hi all Has anyone removed the OPF on the S3 yet? I have seen RS3s on YouTube with the exhaust modified/OPF removed and they sound amazing, they still have the DSG up change noise that is lost on the standard S3. If anyone knows what the S3 sounds like with the OPF removes can they post a...
  5. oxford_ara_S3

    Touch Up Paint.

    Just bought a Ara blue touch up stick from Oxford Audi. Seems to be fine, you’ll never hide the chips properly. These cars seem to attract them too.
  6. oxford_ara_S3

    audi s3 2019 wltp res delete soundclip

    Yes I think so now. Not bothered about drone as I don’t do many motorway trips. This has swayed me I think.
  7. oxford_ara_S3

    audi s3 2019 wltp res delete soundclip

    Same here sounds a bit like a deep thud from inside the car! This is hopeful!
  8. oxford_ara_S3

    audi s3 2019 wltp res delete soundclip

    Nice one! Your car is defo a WLTP yes? What res delete did you install and is that the only mod?
  9. oxford_ara_S3

    Facelift Exhaust Specialists Oxfordshire??

    Hi All Does anyone have any recommendations on where to go to get a res delete fitted in Oxfordshire? Don’t mind paying a bit more, I just want the job done professionally and properly! I assume it’s advisable to use exhaust paste as well as any fixings that are provided? Cheers David.
  10. oxford_ara_S3

    Facelift My new 2019 S3 Sportback

    Thanks for the welcome guys. Had Audis for 10 years now but this is my first 'proper' Audi. @Tashfeen yes it's a shame Audi haven't compensated for the reduction in sound as it's part and parcel of having a car like this! @Mark_86 I'll update my spec, sadly it's not the spec I would have...
  11. oxford_ara_S3

    Facelift My new 2019 S3 Sportback

    Hi everyone I'm new to posting on here although have always given the A3/S3 section casual attention. I'm not anywhere near as knowledgable as some of you so I'm hoping to learn a lot. About a month ago I sold my 2015 A3 Sportback 2.0tdi and picked up a new 2019 S3... yes it has the GPF on it...