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  1. Phutters

    pwy24w indicator bulbs

    . I'm absolutely horrified that you might think I'd have settled for second-rate bulbs. Horrified. As far as your other questions are concerned, there were no warning lights. The bulbs performed as well as you'd have expected from something which was extensively researched, chosen with...
  2. Phutters

    Bigger tyres for enhanced rim protection?

    . Have you had a look at Vredestein Quatrac Pros? I had a set of 225/45 17s (the stock size) on a facelift 2.0TFSI which I don't have any more, and for the most part they were very good. The only thing I was slightly disappointed with was that the dry weather braking wasn't as keen as it was...
  3. Phutters

    Tyre advice

    This is verbatim from the Continental website: "Mixing tyres with different tread depths If you are replacing only two tyres on your vehicle, the new tyres will probably have a deeper tread depth than the older tyres. Mixing different tread depths is generally permissible. The tyre industry...
  4. Phutters

    Has anyone have experience with these aftermarket led headlights?

    It isn't. They drive on the right. Hong Kong doesn't, but Hong Kong doesn't count because we gave it away. Or the Chinese stole it, depending on your point of view.
  5. Phutters

    Brakes juddering at high speed

    Why don't you try the suggestions that don't cost anything first? .
  6. Phutters

    Brakes juddering at high speed

    I'd try what Mr Al says too. Maybe not quite as fast as 80; partly 'cos it's breaking the rules, like; partly because you might struggle to find anywhere to be able to brake that hard from a decent clip and repeat it several times (and the key to this is to get the brakes really hot) and...
  7. Phutters

    Don't buy new cars if you love sporty racy sounding exhausts

    No it isn't. This is how all cars should sound. .
  8. Phutters

    Painting brake calipers - but which colour?

    Here. Catchy name, Aooa. Is that the noise the car makes as it speeds by or the noise the onlookers make when they see the covers, d'you think? .
  9. Phutters

    OE Fan windscreen jets for A3

    Maybe the mistake those blokes who are suffering reduced flow, dribbles and difficulty getting started are making is filling the reservoir with a 50:50 mix of tapwater and Robertson's strawberry jam. Who knows. I've only ever used Halfords screenwash in all the years I've been enjoying...
  10. Phutters

    OE Fan windscreen jets for A3

    I got some from Audi Parts Direct (Mon Motors in Cardiff) 18 months ago. They were the kosher items - all the right part numbers and everything as above - but I couldn't get on with them. The spray clipped the edge of the bonnet (an FL Sportback) no matter how I much I fiddled. The more I tried...
  11. Phutters

    Blown Turbo Advice

    If the turbocharger is kaput, your choices aren't limited to an extremely expensive replacement over the dealership counter or one from ECP which will be almost as much. Unless they've got a whizzo 60% off deal on of course, which reduces the price to only a lot more than you'd pay at a proper...
  12. Phutters

    S3 8V, Thick White Smoke

    Too much information. .
  13. Phutters

    Rear LED light cluster water ingress

    The two pressure clips are little ball and socket fixings. If you put a tiny smear of silicone grease on the ball part when reassembling it makes the light units much easier to remove the next time. The whole thing can't fall out because of the box bolts that Alex mentioned. .
  14. Phutters

    Are my brakes damaged ?

    I'd imagine they would. The delivery bloke from the local curry house certainly does. He tore off from our place the other weekend like his trousers were on fire. Actually, maybe they were. I know WBAC say they'll buy anything, but I think they'd draw the line at an ancient mermaid blue...
  15. Phutters

    Are my brakes damaged ?

    That's one of the items on an approved Italian tune-up. Good things, Italian tune-ups, and a dying art. Today's pipsqueaks don't appreciate the value of old school stuff like this. Yours sincerely, Victorian Dad .
  16. Phutters

    AGM Battery charging

    Other way round. Connect the positive terminal first. When you're done, disconnect the negative (the bulkhead/chassis tab in this case) first. Same as when connecting the battery to (or disconnecting the battery from) the car. It's not quite as important when you're hooking up a charger -...
  17. Phutters

    AGM Battery charging

    I'm not sure I'd worry about it over much provided you're not getting any low battery warnings and it fires up okay, especially as you don't use the start/stop feature anyway. The start/stop in my car - a three and a half year-old 2.0 TFSI 190 - has hardly ever worked unless I've driven well...
  18. Phutters

    Best place/website for brake disc and pads ?

    Don't dismiss Amazon because they aren't a specialist car parts outfit. Actually, ECP aren't either - I keep getting e-mails from them trying to flog me a paddling pool or a new pair of secateurs. Amazon have some proper bargains from time to time, and their returns system is the dog's...
  19. Phutters

    Done some stuff

    I'm not trying to be controversial for the sake of it, honest I'm not, but I don't think the plate is central. I'd bet my best conker that it was eight millimetres or so too far to the left. Scaling off the screen image it looks closer to the left than the right. The photo is taken from a...
  20. Phutters

    A3 S-Tronic 38k miles transmission oil change

    If you want to cover all the bases and give yourself some peace of mind (now you have it in writing that as far as Audi are concerned the gearbox oil change is not due), get the oil changed anyway at an independent workshop. And it'll cost you less. .