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    Sold Audi 2008 TTS, low miles FSH

    So very reluctantly the time has come to move out of this fantastic car into something with a little bit more rear room :? 2008 TTS with 58.9k fully documented miles with FSH. The cam belt, follower, water pump, haldex serviced, PCV and fuel pump cam follower were changed at 57k. The car...
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    What Camera kit do you have?

    I don't have one myself but have had the use of it on various occasions, the version 1 that is. Great lens but wont be as sharp as you prime 300, depends what your shooting and whether you really need the zoom? Whatabout a tele-converter on yours? I would always try to go with a prime if I...
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    Some Film Shots

    Following on from this thread I do dust off the film kit now and it does give a completely feel a look, film can still hold its own IMO. CNV00031_edited-1 by Victor Lopes, on Flickr CNV00025_edited-1...
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    What Camera kit do you have?

    I like to have a break from the digital now and then so dust these of sometimes: IMG_3904 by Victor Lopes, on Flickr IMG_2500_edited-1 by Victor Lopes, on Flickr 2849 by Victor Lopes, on Flickr
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    What Camera kit do you have?

    Some great shots there Danny
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    What Camera kit do you have?

    24-105L is a fantastic walkabout lens, wide enough on full frame also
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    Remote Key Fob Keeps Un-Pairing

    Where about a is this wire you speak of
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    Wheel arches rusting

    New wings is the solution, in fact the only lasting solution
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    Bought Audi A3 from a "Dealer"

    Shocking!! Wonder how many others have had "bulbs removed"!!!
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    Buying a Audi A4 Convertible

    A 10/13 year old car is going to need some maintaining, simplez. Just try to get one that has been looked after Ideally by an enthusiast and defo' full history with regular oil changes is a must
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    Light up Audi badge

    If you like that tat, don't let anyone here stop you getting one. You will really stand out
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    What kit do you use?

    I'm pretty much as bristle hound, no snow foam as its really all show. Always use citrus pre-wash in a pump up bottle. DAS 6 pro machine loads of different pads and polishes, glazes etc
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    Light up Audi badge

    Do you mean good, as good in the local tesco car park on a Saturday with the youth?
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    Tail light tinting before and after pics

    ^^^^^looks sooo much better
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    Hazard symbol illuminated

    Check after 30mins and see what
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    De-chromed my s3 (pics). Used 3m Matte Black auto wrap vinyl. 60$ mod

    Chrome looks great when shiny, but wait till yours goes milky white. As others have said it should have stayed in the eighties, u don't see many performance cars with Crome trim on at all. I wonder why that is
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    another oil thread

    Dont move the goal posts. A full and final laboratory analysis is what you mentioned not manufacture approval. Send two samples and it will be compared FULLY.
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    another oil thread

    It's not a huge fee, £500 will get a full stop making such a big issue that only mahoosive oil companies can afford full and final analysis. I do know my **** on the subject of oil analysis.