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  1. davsin

    For Sale Testing the Water selling Audi S3 8L

    Looking at getting the repairs done then I will re-advertise, thanks for looking.
  2. davsin

    Wanted Audi 8L 2001-2003 parts

    Hi All, I am currently trying to source the following parts for my 2002 S3 with a BAM engine, I have been looking for someone locally who is breaking a generic car as the parts don't seem to be particular to a S3. Looking for left rear and right rear hydraulic pipes to rear brakes reference...
  3. davsin

    For Sale Testing the Water selling Audi S3 8L

    Hello all, Sorry if this is in the wrong place, ?I have a 8L 2002 S3, It failed the MOT November 2021 on corroded rear brake lines, Leaking Power Steering cooling Pipe (replaced and fixed) and the Sills. I have the replacement sills as the MOT tester said where the car has been jacked, he could...
  4. davsin

    For Sale Audi 8L 1.8 Quattro Xenon Headlamps

    Hi All, I have a pair of Xenon headlamps from my 2002 Audi S3 8L, the left hand ballast will need to be replaced as it has burnt out but priced to sell. Would benefit from a lens clean (I just don't have anything here) no chips or cracks. I live on the Isle of Skye so postage via royal mail at...
  5. davsin

    For Sale Audi 8P 2.0T Air intake and engine cover

    Hi All, After a upgrade I am selling a complete air intake with pipes, everything included is in the photos, consists of 3 parts and image 11 is of the assembly. As I live on the Isle of Skye I will get a postage price for anyone interested. £50.00 plus Postage
  6. davsin

    S3 2002 Xenon Headlamps

    Hi All, Before I start to have a melt down, is there any where other than the fuses that can affect the main dipped and full beam headlamps, I have upgraded headlamps but the car has sat for nearly 2 years unused and just starting to get stuff done. Put a new battery in the other day but turned...
  7. davsin

    Testing the Water to sell my S3 2002

    So Going forward, getting the PAS pipe removed and repaired. Car is going to have the Sills inspected/replaced/welded etc and new brake pipes front to back. Then either buy a bonnet or respray and touch up the bumpers and drivers wing has a little bubbling so will get that fixed. Just discovered...
  8. davsin

    Testing the Water to sell my S3 2002

    I have come to the realization that fixing my 2002 S3 is probably to much for my current health. The car hasn't wanted for anything since I bought it 9 years ago, but it failed the MOT in November 2020, It had a leak in the PAS feed pipe to the rack, Rust on the jacking points and an advisory on...
  9. davsin

    2002 inner and outer sills

    Sorr Hi Matt, Just seen this, they are sided parts so Right 2 door 8L7 853 960, Left 2 door 8L7 853 959, I had to order from Ebay and they came from Lithuania
  10. davsin

    Alarm fault S3 8P

    Hi All, I have a problem with my S3 2007, the alarm keeps resetting evert two minutes or so, the red light comes on solid for 30 seconds or so then starts to strobe, after 20 seconsd or so it goes solid again flashes the indicators like its resetting and the process starts over again. I think...
  11. davsin

    Wanted O/S Door Blade

    Hi All, Last ditch attempt to find a drivers side front lower door blade for a 2001 8L S3, would consider buying a set if anyone had them. The metal set in the trim has corroded and pushed the plastic mount out and that has then snapped. Anything considered. Thanks David
  12. davsin

    S3 8L MOT Fail

    I would get the sills cut out and replaced but I am struggling to find parts and I live on the isle of Skye and not many welders keen to do the job either, seen some crazy prices to do the welding from £600 per side.
  13. davsin

    S3 8L MOT Fail

    Last year we put on new bi-xenon headlamps and replaced the turbo back exhaust with a custom 2.75 system and sports cat.
  14. davsin

    S3 8L MOT Fail

    So my S3 failed the MOT today with outer sills that were given the OK last year and only 3000 miles of dry(ish) driving. Should I fix or what am I looking at price wise if I break her :bye:
  15. davsin

    Xenon Headlamp issues

    First thing i did was to try the passenger light on the right hand side and the drivers light on the left and the passenger light worked on the driver side wiring but the drivers side light didn't work on the passenger side. Looks like a electrical specialist, I might just bite the bullet and...
  16. davsin

    Xenon Headlamp issues

    Hi All, I'm looking for some guidance, back in December my left Xenon Blew on my 2002 8L S3, after investigation I found the ballast had blown also and the fuse. I decided to replace with a set of the Bi-xenon lights from Trups, I have fitted them and they are as described "plug and play". But...
  17. davsin

    Wanted 2002 Headlamp switch

    Looking for a 2000 to 2002 Headlamp switch, this is the dial to the right of the steering wheel on the dash, must have front fogs ability, part no 8L2941531D
  18. davsin

    Xenon Headlamp fail

    Now looking to find a light switch, can't find any on ebay world wide, but does anyone know if a S4 or A4 from the same time frame switch would also fit.
  19. davsin

    Xenon Headlamp fail

    Ok, a little disappointed now, fitted the new lights, turn them on and.... Same problem, the passenger side xenon dipped beam still isnt igniting. When I first looked at the problem the bulb was blown, also the fuse in the door panel was blown (think its 21 or 22) replaced both but with no...
  20. davsin

    Xenon Headlamp fail

    Managed to Source a exact match plug from Taylors Electrical in Aberdeen, used them before and they are sending the plug F.O.C.