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  1. Nikon


    I have the virtual cockpit and can scroll through most MMI options without needing the pop up screen.
  2. Nikon


    I’m for ever pressing the hide button for the screen every time I start the car why can’t it stay where is was when I switched off the ignition ie down.
  3. Nikon


    The switch is round and protrudes at the back so you can operate it with your thumb and index finger
  4. Nikon

    Which service in our car downloads what? Connect or Data Plan?

    I see where you are coming from now and why you are asking the question
  5. Nikon

    Which service in our car downloads what? Connect or Data Plan?

    I assume you have a separate mobile with a roaming data package why do you need an extra data package with the car. I’m pretty certain the maps are updated via Audi Connect.
  6. Nikon

    Facelift Random wires

    The 2 roundish ones look like co-ax plugs to me. Something to do with the radio/mobile aerials?
  7. Nikon

    What you guys make of wind deflectors?

    Posted recently about this.....wind noise any speed over 40mph binned them after a week.
  8. Nikon

    Facelift Sportback Wind Deflector Recommendations?

    I tried wind deflectors on my pre FL yes they worked to a degree but they created a lot of wind noise at speeds above 55 mph with the windows shut. Binned them after a week.
  9. Nikon

    Where are you from?

    England Lincolnshire
  10. Nikon

    Wlan connection confusion

    I agree just disable the Wlan in the MMI I’m pretty certain it creates a wireless hot spot in the car. If you don’t have the Audi Sim plus extra data package it’s not going to give you internet access.
  11. Nikon

    Powder coated exhaust tips

    Be boring if we all liked the same things
  12. Nikon

    Powder coated exhaust tips

    My PFL used to go that colour on their own only problem they were flat not glossy lol.......
  13. Nikon

    Audi S3 FL mpg problem

    Yes it does, scroll down the MPG menu bit. I used to drive company cars a while back and covered 1000’s of miles a year my average speed was 56 mph and achieved 60 MPG over 106,000 miles in a diesel Boro. My preface lift S3 had a average speed of 28 mph over 30,000 miles I got an average of 33...
  14. Nikon

    Audi S3 FL mpg problem

    What is your average speed? That has a massive effect on your MPG
  15. Nikon

    My order details on website don't show certain options..

    Pretty certain if you have 19 inch wheels you have to have mag ride.
  16. Nikon

    Coolant leak S3

    I had this sorted on my previous S3. It’s a known fault the dealer seemed reluctant to discuss the problem in any detail as if they were embarrassed about the whole thing.
  17. Nikon

    My Second S3

    My other S3 was Misano red which seemed to glow in the sunlight. I’m not allowed anything blue that reminds the other half of Subaru’s
  18. Nikon

    My Second S3

    Must admit I wouldn’t have speced a Pano roof but it certainly brightens up the interior. Good to hear on the resale side.
  19. Nikon

    My Second S3

    Went to my Audi dealer on Sunday 19th November with the intention of ordering a New S3 and with the lead time around 16 weeks I thought delivery around March 2018. I left the show room in a slightly stunned state having just bought the Black Edition S3 that was in the show room and picked up...
  20. Nikon


    Dunno about what you guys think but in my opinion modern cars should not loose coolant unless there is a problem. I've recently had the water pump changed because of coolant loss as have quite a few others on here. The S3 is a private purchase but all the company cars I've had in the past and...