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  1. Stevo5

    Thinking of moving on but what next?

    Well that’s a sensible reply lol. These forums can be strange places-places to discuss cars last time I checked? Loving the E63S and it’s a better car than the RS6 (which is already a mega car). The red one was an anomaly to me and it’s still unsold down in Cornwall last time I checked...
  2. Stevo5

    For Sale Pirelli P Zero NCS tyres 275/35 R20’’ 102 Y for sale

    Bump and also to show reduced price-now £490.00 all in Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Stevo5

    For Sale Bimecc spacers 15mm/20mm for sale

    Bimecc SP100/SP100A spacers for sale. Taken off C7.5 RS6 and used for around 1k miles. Silver with no bolts. New are between £130-140 Asking price £90 plus P & P Can be hand delivered in Beds/Cambs/Herts area PM for more details Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Stevo5

    For Sale Pirelli P Zero NCS tyres 275/35 R20’’ 102 Y for sale

    As stated above these are the original tyres from my now sold 2015 RS6. For those not in the know these tyres say on the car for 5.5 years doing 150 miles a year (car was an Audi Heritage Static Demo model). It was then bought by a forum member last year who then replaced them with C8 alloys and...
  5. Stevo5

    For Sale RS6 C7 20’’ x 9.5J ‘7-twin-spoke’ design alloys with Pirelli P Zero tyres, bolts and spacers

    Alloys now sold-other items to be listed separately Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Stevo5

    Thinking of moving on but what next?

    Just to bring this thread up to date-the 5 went and whilst it was a brilliant car it was just missing aggression and rawness which is down the individual choice. In the end went back to a C7 RS6 and back in familiar territory. Couple of issues though-it felt very dated in the cabin but makes up...
  7. Stevo5

    For Sale RS6 C7 20’’ x 9.5J ‘7-twin-spoke’ design alloys with Pirelli P Zero tyres, bolts and spacers

    Now that my C7.5 RS6 has gone I have the spare alloys for sale. Short potted history-the car itself was a ‘Static Demonstrator’ for Audi Heritage for the first 5.5 years of life with these alloys on and did an average of 150 miles a year. Last April the car was released back into the wild and...
  8. Stevo5

    Keep RS3 or go M3 ??

    Having had 4 RS cars and 3 M cars in my opinion the M cars will out handle and have more driving feel than most if not all Audi RS cars. I had a 2017 M3 Comp and it was hands down THE best handling car I’ve owned to date. Superb steer. Front end grip is stunning and the way it moves about and...
  9. Stevo5

    Stolen Recovered Audi A5. Need Help

    I take it the sole reason for buying a stolen/recovered car was it’s cheaper? Each to their own but the circumstances of the theft would dictate if there are hidden issues. Cars get stolen to move on, break up or used to commit more crime. Either way it’s not going to get treated with care...
  10. Stevo5

    Turbo Charger Replacement

    Who did the tune if I may ask? Firms like DMS purposefully keep the boost lower than sole to keep it within tolerance limits. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Stevo5

    Turbo Charger Replacement

    How have you managed that? Is it tuned? Haven’t heard of too many blown turbos in RS6’s tbh Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Stevo5

    RS6/RS4 ‍♂️

    Just to echo on that-my 2018 RS5 was amazing except for noise and ‘occasion’. Milltek sort of addressed the sound (still no V8) and a DMS tube made it more lively for sure but it was still missing that rawness and animal aggression that I hankered for. Hence why I’m back in a C7 RS6 (when it...
  13. Stevo5

    RS6/RS4 ‍♂️

    Have to say I’m curious about the male gender symbol in the header? Are you referring to the male or female RS6 variant? If it’s the non binary non gender specific RS6 then that’s something else… Anyway -only kidding. Which RS6? C5,6,7 or 8? C6-best mpg I ever saw was 25 and that was really...
  14. Stevo5

    Audi Connect and Apple Car Play retrofit

    I know this subject has been discussed before in the past but here it is again: I’m due to get Connect sorted at Audi next week for the C7, main reason was to get Google Maps up. Read somewhere that Google stopped their contract with Audi and hence no longer available? If true then is there any...
  15. Stevo5

    Back in an RS6

    Trouble is I’m now kind of captive to keeping an ultra low mileage as it’s the cars USP (plus the ceramics and condition) and makes it really stand out from others. It’s still only done 3600 miles. I need to drive it though as otherwise what’s the point of owning it? Guy I work with has a 997...
  16. Stevo5

    Looks like this guy may have a second job..

    If he’s also selling these then I’d be dobbing him in: We lost £12k’s worth of wheels in one hit at our house a few years ago. No one heard a thing (they deflated the tyres to sit on the made to measure blocks) and they had a locking wheel nut key (they also took the original Locking wheel...
  17. Stevo5

    Back in an RS6

    Having shifted on my B9 RS5 earlier this year I was needling something a bit more ‘raw’ if that makes sense. Choices were E63S, M5 or C7 RS6. The Merc and BM were still coming in at too expensive which left the RS6, I briefly owned one in 2017 and it’s still the most complete car I ever owned...
  18. Stevo5

    Have cancelled S4 order !

    At least the 340 doesn’t have fake quad pipes… Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Stevo5

    RS5 B9 vs B9.5

    The B9 was an excellent car-handled better than I thought and closer to my old M3 Comp than I expected which was a brilliant car. Audi did a great job on the 5. The sound is a common one for owners to find fault with and the non res Milltek is a good solution. The weak link in the chain was me-I...