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  1. AndyS-line

    Goodbye Google Earth?

    What current software version are you guys on ?. I have a fix where the Here maps are used and its only a sd card and takes about 15 mins
  2. AndyS-line

    Sold Vcds Cable

    Cable Now sold . Got 260 for it
  3. AndyS-line

    Help with coding

    Hi Guys just bought a A5 B9 2017 and would like to some tweaks if poss. I have a Hex V2 cable and AutoScanned With the following return See below.The Tweaks i would like are if poss. i just dont want to go changing codes before knowing its the correct ones to verify first . Any help would be...
  4. AndyS-line

    Sold Vcds Cable

    Hi Guys i have this cable that i no longer use, Any ideas what its worth as going to put in sale section but not sure off value ?. Genuine Ross-Tech VCDS Hex+Can USB Cable unlimited vins
  5. AndyS-line

    Help with part No 4F0907289K

    I am in Glasgow i am afraid. I have managed to source one with the same part number will this still have to be coded and security done ?.
  6. AndyS-line

    Help with part No 4F0907289K

    Hi Guys I have a fault with my a6 c6 avant 2010rear right lights not working and have had it checked and been told its a faulty module part no 4F0907289K. Trying to find a 2nd hand replacement and can find them ending in every other letter. The question is will these be just a...
  7. AndyS-line

    Canbus+ Number plate LED's.

    Do you still have these for sale?
  8. AndyS-line

    Towbar Electrics (Help)

    I have a bypass relay and a bag of scotch clips that came with it. I was just looking to see if i could find a wiring diagram that shows which wires run to the lights from the control module and i could connect the scotch clips to them.
  9. AndyS-line

    Towbar Electrics (Help)

    Guys i have just fitted a tow bar to my 2010 a6 avant. looking for some help on the electrics as i have a bypass relay wondering where to connect the wires to . I think this is the control module for the rear light would i be correct ?. Would anyone have a wiring diagram for this as i am at a...
  10. AndyS-line

    Navigation data is blocked ?

    Map update 2014
  11. AndyS-line

    SatNav Data Blocked C6 S Line Tdi

    Check this out. i have updated both my A6 2010 and wife's A4 to the 2014 maps and all working fine. I run them off a class 10 sd card Not had any issues . Update maps 2014
  12. AndyS-line

    Vcds License Status

    Why does my vcds license status show Unregistered/Unauthorized. I have it working fine on car but cant understand why it shows ???. Is a Genuine cable form Advanced in-car
  13. AndyS-line

    Part no s

    I'm looking for the part nos for these or even what they are called. I have searched all over and cant find any . I would like to have the part numbers rather than going like a numpty to Audi.
  14. AndyS-line

    MMI 3G Maps/update 2014

    Guys I found this online and have translated it to english. if its any good to you MMI 3G Updates and 2014 Maps .I hope this is ok with Forum rules
  15. AndyS-line

    What Sat nav

    Yes genuine one. I have an old fake one I had for my Bora but it's going nowhere near my a6 lol better safe than sorry
  16. AndyS-line

    What Sat nav

    Bought a Vcds cable today should be here Wed. ill sort it then
  17. AndyS-line

    What Sat nav

    tried to put Dvd in and i think it has a disc in it "drive button may be locked out" can it be opened ?.
  18. AndyS-line

    What Sat nav

    i have just bought the car and when i checked it over there was the dvd case in the glove box so i thought the dvd must have been in the unit.The sat nave worked fine driving from London to Glasgow and when i got home i checked and there is no disc in the dvd multimedia drive in the golve box...
  19. AndyS-line

    What Sat nav

    Thank for the reply. if its sd card based should it not have a sd card in of the sd card slots for it to run ?.
  20. AndyS-line

    What Sat nav

    I cant seem to send you a pm mate i only have the option for start conversation or i cant see the send pm bit ant ideas