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    Instrument cluster repair

    Like most of you i read about cluster repair were you sent off your to get repair. unfortunately my cluster came back beyond repair, they said they were surprised it stll allowed me to start and drive the car! So does anyone know were i might get a replacement cluster for my car (its a 1999...
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    Are there many A6 owners on here???

    yet another mine is a 4.2 quattro on a 1999 plate which i have had for nearly 3 years. (closest i could get to RS6 for now). i have had a few mods done by the guys at the TT shop (e.g. RS4 19's alloys, chipped, full exhaust and colour coded bumpers). Post pictures soon
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    1999, 4.2 brake caliper

    Anyone breaking a 1999 A6 4.2, im looking for a near side front caliper. or can anyone suggest another donor car thanks :icon_thumright:
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    Pics of your A6

    Love the lights, where did you get them Did you D I Y fit :respekt:
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    workshop manual

    Thanks for the tip as i tried a couple of weeks ago to find one but failed. :thumbsup:
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    A6 v8 for sale

    As others good luck with the sale. It looks V good. I have the same car in a saloon which i considered selling but enjoy it too much I am sure the first person to see it will buy Good luck
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    Pics of your A6

    Love the lights where did you get them:applaus:
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    Wanted A6/S6 estate

    Totally agree i also have a 4.2 quattro great car. You may have problems tracking a 7 seater
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    Nav plus

    Help I own a 1999 4.2 quattro with the nav plus system which is starting to drive me slightly bad and confused. I have had the car now for just over two years and just after buying it i bought the latest CD to update the maps and worked fine until about two week ago I get a "defective cd"...
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    Navi Plus

    I had a similar problem with mine (also in a 99 4.2). I change the CD to a 2007 (bought from telatlas) and it works ok now except for a flicking screen from time to time. I am considering changing the whole unit for an upto date system from the newer S4 etc. :undwech:
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    New Wheels on my A6

    Looks good, agree it will look even better once the blacks bits are colour coded. I'm planning the same with my A6 in the next few weeks.
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    A6 4.2 Quattro

    I have recently brought a 4.2 quattro on a 99 plate which is currently having her belts changed aswell as service @ TT shop ( great guy's). In the future i would like to add body parts to replicate the RS6 (mine already has the flared arches) anybody got advice on what is possible.:salute: