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  1. Tommy uk

    LED headlight bulb upgrade

    You can use one like these , Plug n' play , no need to worry for heat problem , i've upgraded all bulbs in my audi , and have use h7, h9 error cancellors like the one above . No error on dash. :)
  2. Tommy uk

    ABS Fault!

    Hi , in my case was abs ecu fault, after changing wheel barring hub, sensor , brake switch light , i had to order 2nd hand unit matching to my existing one and replace it , connect vcds and recode to my car , whole job takes about 2 hours without remalting the brake system . Once coding is done...
  3. Tommy uk

    ABS Fault!

    Already sorted myself...
  4. Tommy uk

    ABS Fault!

    Hi all, im new here, i got problem with abs and tc warning on dash, im driving audi a4 b6 convertible . When i started the car in the morning all is ok and no warning in dash , but when i start driving few mils , they coming up , i have scanned the car with vcds lite and it shows me 00290 - rear...