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  1. h100vw

    Looking for APY ECU 8L0906018N

    Hi, I know there's a classified section but I couldn't work out how to do a wanted advert. #useless? I am looking for a spare ECU from an APY engined S3. I need to get it sent to Australia too. I know there's a few on ebay, I just feel a bit more comfortable dealing with someone, with a bit...
  2. h100vw

    a3 ecu model numbers

    That ECU can definitely be flashed off the car. Custom-Code can certainly do them ( I am an dealer in Australia) Never tried to do one in the car, so can't say if you can or not. Gavin
  3. h100vw

    My S3 Thread

    Got those jack pads adapters on my S3 and a Polo GTI I just got. Really good! Gavin Got
  4. h100vw

    W3STY's Progress Thread

    Jesus, it's taken me a couple of weeks to read this thread on and off. It started out when I was looking for info on FMICs for S3s and also WM. I was engrossed and got square eyes a few times while at work on nights. :D The last 2 or 3 pages were just the worst, all that hard work seemingly...
  5. h100vw

    My S3 Thread

    It's taken me a while to read this one. Some good work Sam. Gavin :)
  6. h100vw

    Remap removal.

    Get hold of a VCDS cable and custom-settings and turn the boost down with that. Even a cheapo ebay should work at a push. Gavin Custom-Code - The Latest Innovation in Serial Port Chip Tuning Technology. Remap VW - Audi - Seat - Skoda - ReMOSitory Unitronic Chipped - UNI Setting V 1.4
  7. h100vw

    S3 Power been zapped! help!!!

    I have read that APR remaps can reset to standard after the battery has been changed. If you have cruise control, hold the button on the end of the stalk in and see what the engine check light does. Ignition on engine not running. Gavin
  8. h100vw

    S3 Front Shock Absorbers - Anyone got any?

    I'll bear that in mind Gareth, thanks. It just feels like it's from the bottom, wishbone or ball joints. I'd prefer to diagnose rather than randomly change parts. Just never get the time. Gavin
  9. h100vw

    S3 Front Shock Absorbers - Anyone got any?

    I'd be interested to hear if the shocks fix the knocking. I have the same problem with mine. The shocks are standard with about 210000kms on. I have changed the ARB bushes twice as they were the normal fix. I did discover today that the knocking goes away when your on the brakes, no matter how...
  10. h100vw


    Probably on it's way to Welly's gaff as we type. :jump:
  11. h100vw

    Can someone define to me Stage 1,2 and 3 maps please..

    You would want the car running 100% before having any flash. Be prepared to come across issues after flashing, it doesn't happen all the time but I have had coilpacks and sparkplugs cause problems after flashing. If you have a APY in the S3 the coils seem to be ok, the BAM coilpacks give up a...
  12. h100vw


    8N 225hp/165kw models have the same downpipe/cats as the 8L S3. Gavin
  13. h100vw


    You should be good with standard plugs on a stage 1 map. If it is dropping out as soon as boost comes in, that's a good indicator the coilpacks are done. I had this on a 225 TT I flashed last year, it the coilpacks one at a time until it had 4 new ones. Gavin
  14. h100vw

    A/C Fitting on a A3 Turbo?

    Re-gassing it is the problem. The fitting is easy. I'd hit up a couple of places for a price on fitting. Gavin
  15. h100vw

    engine management light and traction control light always on

    Generic code readers don't give enough info to work off mate. VAG-COM is the thing you need to do this job. I would be surprised if the ECU is done. Although engine faults do turn off "luxury" items. There was a lad here in Australia that had a bad MAF/air flow meter that caused ESP issues. Gavin
  16. h100vw

    More S3 Drama

    That's a sad tale. :sadlike: I was all ready to hear how well it was running, after the clutch pedal bit. You won't know what to do with yourself, once you get it finished. All the free time in the evenings. :happy: Best of luck getting it sorted this week. Gavin
  17. h100vw

    S3 no power and running really rich, NOT MAF!!

    It should go to 90 and sit there, rain or shine. Anything else and there's an issue. Gavin
  18. h100vw

    Front Disc's and Pad's

    More miles will see the swept area increase. Following from what Bill asked.... Have a look at these to stop the caliper moving so much, when you press the pedal. Reduced movement will improve feel at the pedal. Gavin
  19. h100vw

    1.8T Running Lumpy

    Engine code matey?
  20. h100vw

    Laying up my S3 for a year, things to do to keep it in good shape?

    A dehumidifier would be good. I'd remove the battery altogether and probably plan to get a new one when you get back. Take the wheels off if you can, find some cheapies to put it on or axle stands. Gavin