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  1. LD3

    Any Kent S3 owners able to help?

    Welcome and congrats on your purchase. Whereabouts in Kent are you?
  2. LD3

    Little f****ers

    Sorry to hear that mate same thing happened to me in November..I got replacements but I'm changing mine.
  3. LD3

    Chrome wing mirrors

    I have a pair I will be selling next month, they are chrome and heavy but not genuine. PM me if you're interested. These are my second pair will let you guess what happened to the first..
  4. LD3

    Just got this lil fella delivered ;)

    For those who would like the facelift version (like me) they don't have the license for it so won't be doing one :-(
  5. LD3

    why all the fuss about the badger 5 TIP

    Do some reading there's FACTUAL info on the Badger 5 TIP as opposed to others, and then weigh it up. There's a reason that the ebay TIP is pay for what you get. I have the Badger 5 TIP and it's awesome a remearkable difference over the Forge let alone the standard item others have...
  6. LD3

    One for those with PCD adapters or bolt on spacers...

    I run FK's PCD adaptors 30mm & 25mm and happy with them for what its worth
  7. LD3

    'Fecks Nogaro S3'

  8. LD3

    Badger5 TIP ordered, just a few questions

    That looks familiar lol
  9. LD3

    S3 Coolant leak

    Oh the other thing was I need to do a 75 mile trip back home and hoping I could fill with water and G12 back to local garage?
  10. LD3

    S3 Coolant leak

    When facing the car it's the right hand side one of the pipes going into the engine. Header tank empty looks like a loose clip or something on the pipe is busted. Anyone know how much this would cost. Perfect time of year Any advice appreciated Thanks
  11. LD3

    My Wing Mirrors

    Seems the plastic bit under the mirror has fell off where there should be two screws that bolt in? Any ideas anyone?
  12. LD3

    My Wing Mirrors

    having a look at them they feel heavy and might actually be metal. Either way I'm replacing these but can't find a set of normal covers!
  13. LD3

    My Wing Mirrors

    Speaking of which does anyone know the part number for the wing mirror covers? Bloke at Audi didn't seem to think they do them anymore. Seen a set on eBay but don't know if they'll fit
  14. LD3

    My Wing Mirrors

    Cheers mate. I think I'm going to take the chrome covers off and get some normal covers to spray same colour as my wheels. What colour is your car?
  15. LD3

    My Wing Mirrors

    Thanks Mate. Yeah wouldn't that be great. Noticed they must have kicked one off as the mirror sctratched the door slightly. Nice colour by the way nothing a like a Noggy blue S3..with wing mirrors lol
  16. LD3

    My Wing Mirrors

    Thanks Darren will have a look when the mirrors get delivered. I get a squeaking in form the drivers side door card so might take the card off and just do the passenger side as you said.
  17. LD3

    My Wing Mirrors

    Thanks Tuffty, They wern't alloy just plastic chrome, things is they left the base plates on so I don't even think they are much use apart from the cover.
  18. LD3

    My Wing Mirrors

    Thanks to the scummy c*%3s that ripped off my wing mirrors last night i have had to purchase another pair (I will find you). Are these easy to fit? I'm guessing I need to take off the door panel to get to the base plate? Any help would be much appreciated at this stressful time
  19. LD3

    tyres getting more expensive??

    Got mine £82 fitted per corner. Not sure if the size you're looking Goodyear's just happen to be expensive?
  20. LD3

    5x100 - 5x112 Adapters?

    Ryan See below same as what I bought (mine were thicker) FK PCD Wheel Adapters 5x100 - 5x112 (VAG) 15mm | eBay UK