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  1. Steve_T

    Word Association Game .. . . .

    Ignore that!! stupid moment... Swiftly moving on.. side
  2. Steve_T

    A5 Heated seats

    a mate of mine has got a 2 year old A5 with full leather. How likely is this to have the heat mats in the seats? Is it justa case of connecting a few wires to get them working? Cheers
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    Word Association Game .. . . .

  4. Steve_T

    Advice on lenses please!

    I have a Nikon D300s with the nikon 18-200mm and it is a cracking all round lens. Maybe worth getting a Sigma 10-20mm for that wide angle look. I would steer clear of the 18-55 you will only be swapping for longer lens all the time.
  5. Steve_T

    S3 at night under streetlamp

    i tried something simular the other night But i need a remote flash and softbox to try and bring back the detail in the side of the car. Steve
  6. Steve_T

    Post pics of your A3/S3

    What i mean is it looks like it has been taken with 2 remote flashes (so two flashes on tripods with some kind of remote trigger on the camera) so when you take the photo you get a better fill light from 2 duffernt angles at the same time. And they would have used whats known as a softbox which...
  7. Steve_T

    Post pics of your A3/S3

    Looks like atleast 2 flashes with softboxes
  8. Steve_T

    Post pics of your A3/S3

    My S3 and my sisters Sport S3 With the new Wheels! and being a bit more creative with my camera! Just got to get rid of the VW center caps!
  9. Steve_T

    Clutch master cylinder leak...

    Got one forsale if your interested. Schalburg clutch master cyclinder £50 new will sell for £35 posted
  10. Steve_T

    Alloy Wheels in Suffolk

    Excelent thanks. If i go 18s wont it look silly unless i drop it a few mm?
  11. Steve_T

    Alloy Wheels in Suffolk

    Well im in a bit of ethical pickle. Im tied between 2: and And im still not sure if i should go 17 or 18!
  12. Steve_T

    Alloy Wheels in Suffolk

    Aldeburgh, Right on the coast. But quit oftern venture into norfolk.
  13. Steve_T

    Alloy Wheels in Suffolk

    Do anyone know of any good places to get alloy wheels in suffolk? I like to see and feel what im paying for as i dont want to wait a week for something to turn up in the post then be cheap c**p. Cheers Steve
  14. Steve_T

    Is there a "how too" for removing the front door cards on an 8L S3?

    Yeah exactly that. Done it last night to replace my door lock.
  15. Steve_T

    Post pics of your A3/S3

    What size wheels are they? 17 or 18?
  16. Steve_T

    Post pics of your A3/S3

    Nice! Got any more pics?
  17. Steve_T

    Clutch slipping....

    Parts were best part of £400 and that was for a new DMF, Clutch Kit, Slave and master cylinders. and a wedge to get them all fitted. parts Supplied by GSF in Ipswich
  18. Steve_T

    A4 wheels on S3

    Well i hadn't intended on changing the wheels when i got the car. Just to get the refurbished but 2 have turned out to be buckled and the other 2 would require acid dipping or sand blasting. Either way it was going to cost more than a new set. I think that these will look good on the S3. But i...
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    it should have a fail safe so if it was on there with no paste it would come on for maybe 20 sec then turn off and not do anything for a few hours while it cools down. So you shouldn't have fried the chip because of that. if you have no joy with a new chip take the hard drive out and sell the...