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  1. And82


    has anyone tried Ammo NYC imported from US? They have amazing videos on detailing and Larry the owner is super helpful. It’s very expensive but I’ve heard it is the boll***s.
  2. And82

    Meguiars Ultimate Compound or Scratch X

    Compounding can be a dark art. You can also use special 3000 grit wet sand which won’t burn through the clear coat if your careful. Make sure you remove all contamination first. I like to Clay first after wash and you can use diluted alcohol, degreasers or washing up liquid. But if you do, it...
  3. And82

    Show Us Your Reflection Shots

    Not bad for 10 years old.
  4. And82

    Intermittent door unlocking issue

    Bummer. Could be water or moisture in the system? Sounds like you should probably get it checked out if multiple doors are freaking out. Good luck.
  5. And82

    Remap and carbon clean

    I was wondering if anyone had any experience or recommendations for remaps for my 2.0tdi s-line cvt multitronic. It’s not great on mileage only get 40mpg’s, if that, on a good motorway run. It needs a bit more power it’s only like 140 when new but it’s got to move 3tonne of metal and my fat ***...
  6. And82

    Intermittent door unlocking issue

    Yes my driver door is doing this. Likely to be the actuator or similar. Did you get it fixed. Interested to know and how much you spent. Thanks.
  7. And82

    Audi A6 s line 2.0 tdi

    The s-line model has sports suspension and 18” alloys. It looks low. But sweet. Timing belt and water pump should be done every 5 years or 70k miles. If you get the cvt auto like mine make sure the gear box has had regular oil changes. Every 30-40k miles or every other year for good measure...
  8. And82

    A6avant engine bay clean

    No worries post a photo of you bother. Watch out the Audi badge on the block is really brittle and easily broken. Looked on eBay and they are about £25. Rip off.
  9. And82

    A6avant engine bay clean

    Hi Tom, Because there is so much plastic covering everything new engine bays are so much easier to clean. I covered some exposed metal points with plastic as I wasn’t sure if they could get wet. I spray the engine bay with my hose on mist type setting then adjitated the dirt with my wheel...
  10. And82

    A6avant engine bay clean

    I got my hose in there in the end (). Just washed it out with fairly low water pressure. I’m not mechanical enough to remove all the components to get at it but it’s flished away somewhere. lol.
  11. And82

    A6avant engine bay clean

    Hi, I’ve been trying to get many years worth of dirt and foliage out of my engine bay. There are two gutter type compartments near where the bonnet hinges are. I can’t quite get my hand in to get it properly clean. I’m nervous about pressure washing it as it will explode the dirt everywhere...