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  1. Visa_broke

    Wigan dill's A4 B7 Avant

    Yeah i've read this a couple of times, wondered what happened to this car and if the owner still has it or not?
  2. Visa_broke

    Retrofit: Auto-dimming rear view mirror & CH/LH (picture heavy)

    nice writeup and something i've been thinking about doing, (mine has the auto dimming mirror with compass so think thats slightly different) just missing the ch/lh stuff. Just not sure if i'd be up to doing the wiring
  3. Visa_broke

    unsed plug on rns-e?

    how do we know what options are available for a certain rnse? i've seen some running tv's and backup cameras but I don't think mine has those options unfortunately. Love the headunit but at times I feel I should have gone aftermarket
  4. Visa_broke

    Show us ya "dope" wheels!! Big or small!!

    Old thread I know but bumping it up as I came across this picture. I owned this car a couple of years ago, bought it from retro rides I think it was. Do you have anymore pictures of it?
  5. Visa_broke

    Paddle retrofit

    Just checked in the classifieds section, the post I put up with the links/sale is not showing anymore, not sure whats happened to that?
  6. Visa_broke

    Paddle retrofit

    This is a link to the s4 grill and the rs6 cluster I'll be sorting out some more stuff to list soon.
  7. Visa_broke

    Paddle retrofit

    your car sounds like mine so i'm interested in how you get on, I still have not fitted mine and i'm actually thinking of doing a non audi project instead and have started listing up my b6 bits on ebay
  8. Visa_broke

    Paddle retrofit

    What car do you have (year, engine, gb) I was looking into this and have a brand new s4 wheel with paddles but not the airbag, only reason i've not attempted it is the airbag. I've been told I could have issues between the single/duel stage wiring?
  9. Visa_broke

    Rs4 start button fitted

    I didn't notice this before, what is the kessy system?
  10. Visa_broke

    S4 B6 heated, full power saloon recaros into A4 B6 avant

    sounds like a guy on another forum that was breaking a white b6 s4 in ireland, he also was messing around with making a rs4 widebody saloon b5 from a rolled rs4
  11. Visa_broke

    s4 grills

    Ok thanks
  12. Visa_broke

    s4 grills

    How much are these worth? I have both the upper and lower main one's just deciding if to sell them or not, the upper bonnet grill has been used but the lower one is brand new.
  13. Visa_broke


    its strange as driving the car tonight its been fine, I don't know if its just when we have real cold weather here or not. I will try the sport mode and see what that is like. I am going to wait till after christmas and get the Atf/filter changed
  14. Visa_broke


    how strong are the autoboxes? Just curious about how long the autobox in my 3.0 v6 quattro is, the cars done 110k miles and seems fine, only bit thats worrying me is if I pull up at a junction then go to pull away sometimes it feels like there is a small pause before it goes, it only does this...
  15. Visa_broke

    1.8t Cabrio K04 turbo upgrade (not the usual rubbish ones)

    Even though i've not had a 1.8t for a while now (i've had quite a few in the past) this is still a very interesting read. looking forward to the next updates
  16. Visa_broke

    rnse cd drive

    I'll have to try that on vcds. Seller was via a fb audi group. He was no help at all. I can use the unit atm with sd cards but I want to get the nav working
  17. Visa_broke

    6 speed auto oil change

    what engine?
  18. Visa_broke

    rnse cd drive

    I am thinking of finally tackling this issue i've had thanks to the useless seller of my unit. He basically left the audi nav cd in the drive and didn't put it in transport mode, this messed the unit up when it turned up. It reckoned there was no cd in the drive and even removing it did not...
  19. Visa_broke

    RNS-D to RNS-E instructions?

    yes mine does that when i remove the keys and goes into standby mode.
  20. Visa_broke

    RNS-D to RNS-E instructions?

    Ok thats longer than mine, easy test is to get in the car remove the key and lock the doors and see how long it took, i think it was supposedly around 5mins if it thinks the cars locked, and longer otherwise.