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  1. Josht

    Facelift DSG Oil filter fell off

    well after 3 weeks of waiting im collecting the S3 tomorrow from audi while on the motorway i noticed plumes of smoke coming from underneath the car , the oil filter on the dsg box cam loose and the transmission oil was burning up on the exhaust obviously i didn't know this until i stopped and...
  2. Josht

    Tyre decisions !

    Coming close to the end of the life of my tyres after a spirited 6K on my FL S3 aswell as a recent visit to santapod , i need to purchase some new ones all round the car came with Hankooks s1 evo 2's out the factory looking to replace them or put either some Michi , Pilot sports 4's Yoko ...
  3. Josht

    Facelift Anybody running a JB1 on the FL S3

    im really interested to see what the JB4 will allow in respect with tweeking, i missed out on the first batch of JB4 upgrades waiting for burger to get some more in where did you order yours ? well the JB4 upgrade is the plan, hope burgertuning to get some more units in so i can order one.
  4. Josht

    Facelift Anybody running a JB1 on the FL S3

    i would have prefered a map but the car is a lease so i wanted fully removable tune map 1 + 5.o oem airbox with vwr filter intake hose and elbow to turbo its a superflow 2wd 1000hp dyno
  5. Josht

    Facelift Anybody running a JB1 on the FL S3

    I finally had a power run carried out on the S3 Last week with the standard and with JB1 on at EFI in Runcorn it pulled 355bhp Peak and 370ft-lb peak torque ! Over the moon with the results its only running and intake pipe and a vwr panel filter.
  6. Josht

    Facelift Anybody running a JB1 on the FL S3

    hi guys I'm still awaiting delivery of my S-tronic S3 I've agreed the purchase of a JB1 and sports cat looking to get them on once I've run the car in. just wondering has anybody been running one yet on their FL and if so what its like on and if anybody has any figures ? Cheers in advance