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  1. Dan

    Independent audi Specialist and a new Turbo

    if you're still after an independent garage, it might be a little way away, but Fontain in Langley have always been good for me... probably not as far away as you think from Putney either...
  2. Dan

    B6 Remap

    no, not bothered. the power delivery feels much better, that was more important than a number for me... i get more miles out of a tank if i go easy now, and i have more power if nail it around. also complements the miltek quite well.. good luck whith whatever you choose anyway..
  3. Dan

    When did Isofix rear points become standard fit if at all?

    retro fitted some to my 2003 B6 S4 about 18 months ago. really easy job, took 10 minutes, just pull up the seat and bolt them into the holes that are already there.. was just under £40 as i remember for one side. need a torx socket tho...
  4. Dan

    B6 Remap

    just to add my opinion, I 've got a B6 S4 and had a revo done, love it. pulls smoother than it did before, and seems too pull for longer too. not the massive power increase that you see with the extra boost on the old turbo models obviously. I went for the optional plug in thing that allows me...
  5. Dan

    S4 B6 and Revo

    very well to be honest. didn't take very long, but a noticeable amount of power increase at low revs. seemed to smooth any jerkyness round town as well. and i'll probably get flamed for suggesting it, but the fuel economy is slightly better on long journeys... :unsure: so i'd recommend it.. i...
  6. Dan

    S4 B6 and Revo

    So anyone else done it yet? If so what numbers have you got it set to? The place i got it done has set it to 6-2-4 from reading around, seems like 9-5-9 would be better... (running on shell v-power obviously tho) Any comments or help would be interesting to hear, guess this isn't specific to...
  7. Dan

    Xmas Casualty

    maybe he was delivering giant presents...... :nyah:
  8. Dan

    S4 tow bar

    anyone know if you can fit a towbar to an S4 saloon? preferably one that you can remove the lumpy bit so you don;t see it when it's not i use? i guess because of the double pipes this might not be possible.. ta :think:
  9. Dan

    Air fresherners

    wash more often?... :jester: didn't somone do some that smell of 'new car', or get some leather cleaner, that'll make it smell posh..