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  1. murdozzz

    Buying an RS6 - Good or bad idea

    sounds a nice car mate enjoy !!! PS. If your mates want one too I've an 04 plate RS6 avant 52k FSH and h&R coilcover conversion, This car is mint and will sell fast
  2. murdozzz

    New RS6 Owner In Scotland

    hi bigbusa i stay in innerleithen scottish borders have 04 rs6 avant metalic blue, all standard so far apart from drc worn out, car is booked into unit 20 cheshire to have H&R coilcover kit fitted next saturday... Check out there website for some serious RS6 upgrades/mods!!!!
  3. murdozzz

    Finally ! A new RS6 Owner !

    Hi guys Less of the avant jokes please,LOL. I have an 04 plate rs6 avant in mugallo blue,but i had no choice the wife wanted an estate car that was automatic and preferable 4 wheel drive due to our extending family,So i met her half way and bought what used to be the fastested production estate...
  4. murdozzz

    Which car to get?

    Hi There Not sure if you are buying this car from main dealer but if you are and the s3 has not been discounted atleast 3k from list price then i would tell them you want the sat/mmi in with the deal or you will walk, Chances are you could buy the s3 online and save enough to add the satnav/mmi...
  5. murdozzz

    Miltek exhaust upgrade

    Was just wondering if anyone has upgraded there rs6 exhaust to the miltek, Either cat back or cats aswell, If so how does it sound ?? Dont want to spend £800 to spoil the already nice note the v8 makes, Have been told that the non resonated system is louder, but what kind of louder, boy racer or...
  6. murdozzz

    Is there a regular Scottish meet?

    Am a newbie to this forum but think a scottish meet would be great, You can count me in for sure:iagree:
  7. murdozzz

    New member: RS6 Avant [PICS]

    Love the the car Alex, By far the best allround sportscar/family car. Possible cause for your tyre pressure problem is that the tyre may at some point had a puncture and has either been inflated with nitrogen or not as the case may be, Most big tyre fitters now inflate with nitrogen which has...