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    CRD-t DTUK Tuning box removal

    Hi, I just wanted to let everyone who is thinking about how easy these boxes are to fit and subsequently remove know how easy it really is............It took me about 5 mins to fit the tuning box via the two connectors to my A4 3.0tdi 245bhp last year ( and most of that was for the turbo sensor...
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    COD on Premium Unleaded (97RON+)?

    AutoExpress did a test a couple of years ago comparing different grades of a search on their web site, but I have read several impartial articles which claim the more expensive fuels do indeed have mpg, performance and cleaning advantages.
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    Re what is a DTM

    The full translation is Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters It translates into German Touring Car Masters, and is the main touring car championship in Germany....when Audi wins, they tend to bring out a version of the winning car for sale to the public, and call it the DTM version ( although it is...
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    Gloss black dash trim for S4 B8

    Should be possible providing you get the part numbers.....the dash is actually two pieces, but from memory the prices are ridiculous. I actually took mine off on my old B8 S4 and sent them to a paint specialist to paint them in Piano Black finish......looked superb and much cheaper than OE Audi...
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    Spare tyre and DAB

    Ok, thanks for the heads-up :thumbsup:
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    Spare tyre and DAB

    Hi, Did you ever get a reply from Audi on whether DAB is standard on new A1 builds or not ? Thanks
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    Drivers Door Creaking Noise. (Aaaarrrgh!)

    I had a similar thing and it turned out to be the small screw which holds a white plastic part ( I think part of the locking mechanism ) which sits behind the door skin...took the door trim off and the screw was loose so I replaced it with a slightly larger one and that cured it......really...
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    3.0 tdi 245PS oil consumption

    Hi Dan, Just passed 7,000 with mine and it needed a small top-up so it's pretty normal I think. Regarding the type of oil, you want Castrol Edge 5W 30 :yes:
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    Time for a change

    As Daggerit says, sounds like a good deal. I'd be interested to hear what you think about the Conti's as well, as I am going through a set of tyres a year currently and it is either those or GY Eagle F1 *** II's next time..:thumbsup:
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    Just Ordered DTUK Tuning Box!

    Aha....that's what that stupid do I feel..!! Thanks Smartpod..:salute:
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    Just Ordered DTUK Tuning Box!

    What's the bypass connector guys ? Does that enable you to remove the box whilst still leaving everything else in situ ?
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    S4 vs 3.0tdi (including B9) platform.

    I thought you were running the DTI Tuning box on your A4 Daggerit.......or are you just looking for a different route to the power ?
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    Changing S-tronic T-Bar selector for round S-Tronic one ?

    Ok, no way around the heating and twisting which is a major headache as I have all the dexterity and feel of a Rhino, so I guarantee I will break it !!! Shame though as it really does look significantly better .....ah well !! Presumably you couldn't fit the new knob with the...
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    Changing S-tronic T-Bar selector for round S-Tronic one ?

    Has anyone here done this mod ? The standard T shaped gear selector bar for the S-Tronic gearlever is awful, and the round one fitted to some other models in Audi's range, with the front push button release looks SOOOOOOOO much better. I have read around and it seems like some guys overseas...
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    New 3.0tdi glow plug light flashing ??

    Thanks all.....been driving it as normal for the last week and the car hasn't missed a beat, so hopefully all is ok!!
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    New 3.0tdi glow plug light flashing ??

    Ok, thanks...:icon_thumright:
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    New 3.0tdi glow plug light flashing ??

    Not really.....commute 500 miles on the M/Way every week.......some shorter runs over the two week holiday I guess, so could that have caused the issue ? She's run faultlessly until the one trip yesterday, and then again once it had cleared after the S/Station stop.
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    New 3.0tdi glow plug light flashing ??

    Hi all, Just finished a great two week break in Cornwall, which involved lots of driving with the car behaving perfectly.....then on the way back, I was cruising between 70-80 mph when the power dropped and the engine management system light started flashing !! Stopped in a lay-by, switched...
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    Better mpg the faster I go !!

    It's the DTUK box from Andy ( ABYSS ) on the forum....really straightforward to fit and as I say impressive results . I haven't had it measured, but I reckon from my 'seat of the pants' dyno it's probably got another 40/45 bhp and a chunk more torque, probably twice that gain. I've had a B8 S4...