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    MFSW to FBSW?

    So my A1 2013 MY has the MFSW fitted from factory. I would like to change it to the flat bottom version. So are other models (A3,S3 etc etc) easily interchangeable? Believe mine is the 8x version & seen a lot of 8v versions for sale. Mostly want the FBSW along with track F&B, plus re-using my...
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    How many of us are bikers?? Show off your wheels.......

    No plastic ***** here, just proper Muscle bikes ;)
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    Caddy Wiring for Fogs?

    2013 Caddy maxi 2K Mk3 I don't believe it has the CE module in this earlier version.
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    Caddy Wiring for Fogs?

    So this relates to a Caddy, but most VAG are the same. I need to know the fog light wiring colour & pin position., as i have fitted a bumper with fogs. Have changed the switch to a fog one, & all wiring is in place but for the trigger wire from the switch to the relay. Original non fog...
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    Speaker upgrade

    And more digging, they are copies of an older Alpine tweeter series. That's why they're getting away with it. So technically they're Alpine but are still fake.... of sorts lol. I'll have a look at rear 1/4 panel & see how difficult it looks, or go same route as you ;-)
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    Speaker upgrade

    I've delved a little deeper & it looks like they really are fakes. At no time have Alpine sold this model number, & certainly not for as cheap as a tenner! So having taken that as true, next Q: can you tell me what & how to replace rear speakers in a 3 door? Only info i can find anywhere is for...
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    Speaker upgrade

    Can you explain this please as i was about to follow your advice!
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    Noob with various Q's...

    Having bought my "new" A1 1.4 tfsi Amplified Edition car, i'm finding some strange things amiss with it? So here's a list: Although i have holes, there are no lights in footwell or glove box. Surely they can't be "extras" Car has had a mid box delete, yet it is still seriously quiet? Can...
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    Both are MMI packs, the Satnav upgrade will cost upward of £800! and only if you have the 2x SD card slots. If it's enabled, which it doesn't sound like it, then it'll cost £285+ just for SD card & pairing. Not looked into DAB, but even fitting the Fistune MMI upgrade will cost £300+