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  1. Joni Honki

    JBL sub and amp package

    Thanks! I attached the amp straight to the rear panel (it's tough enough!), and the only lead from the front was a battery feed. It did take me a few hours but I wanted it fairly need and tidy, and all the wiring is run securely. The only bad thing is I have found an S4 for sale I have took a...
  2. Joni Honki

    B7 + b6 roof bars? Same fitment?

    CHEZ, cheers mate, it's a Specialized Camber.
  3. Joni Honki

    B7 + b6 roof bars? Same fitment?

    I bought Mont Blanc roof bars and foot kit from the, but I think they don't stock them anymore. its an excellent kit, lockable amd easy to fit with really big rubber feet to protect your roof. I also have the mont blanc bike rack to go with it, again excellent. Here is a pic.
  4. Joni Honki

    What have you done to your Audi this weekend?

    What's everyone been up to with their Audi this weekend? I fitted a Sub and amp! You? Pics please ?
  5. Joni Honki

    brake bleed hell, help please,

    Have you made sure your pads are in and seated correctly, if you have anything wrong there you WILL get a soft pedal. Also, start furthest away from M/C, pump the pedal 2/3 times then open the bleed nipple, let the pedal go to the floor, hold it there, close bleed nipple. Carry this out a few...
  6. Joni Honki

    JBL sub and amp package

    Here's some pics, just wanted the install neat and functional.
  7. Joni Honki

    JBL sub and amp package

    All fitted, sounds really good, very impressed, just what I wanted, nice and punchy bass. Took about 5 hours to fit, and a few coffee's! Pics to follow when photo stream wakes up!
  8. Joni Honki

    My A4 B6 website feature, check it out !!!!

    Awesome, awesome car mate, stunning! Great acheivement!
  9. Joni Honki

    HPI Check Anyone??

    I've used the text ones, they are cheap, £1.50 ish and work, I am in the trade and got same results when using HPi, Hope this helps?
  10. Joni Honki

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  11. Joni Honki

    Dumfries and Galloway meet

    This is where Sandra is suggesting, hope this helps everyone, we need some numbers please!!
  12. Joni Honki

    JBL sub and amp package

    Hope so!! And yes , using a converter. Good idea about mounting amp!! Keep you posted!!!
  13. Joni Honki

    JBL sub and amp package

    I'm not a "jungle is massive" fan so massive bass is not what I wanted,that's why I opted for this package. I just wanted more oomph than the pathetic factory sub. 2 options of what to put it, might strap it up under rear shelf, (it's not too heavy), or just strap it down along the rear seat/...
  14. Joni Honki

    New Member, UK, RS5 (pic heavy)

    Stunning car dude!! Wheels are perfect!!
  15. Joni Honki

    My Orions

    I had one, loved it! Couple of pics.... Before, middle, after!!!
  16. Joni Honki

    My Ford mustang gt 4.6 v8

    Shweeeet!! Awesome colour!!
  17. Joni Honki

    My old Series 2 RS Turbo

    Sorry for delay!!
  18. Joni Honki

    JBL sub and amp package

    Hi Just had this delivered today, JBL 10" 500W Subwoofer/Sub Bass Tube and Amp/Amplifier | eBay I am going to install it this weekend keeping original Concert stereo, thought it was a bargain, I will post pics of install...if all goes well!
  19. Joni Honki

    Dumfries and Galloway meet

    Hi Sandra, Bruces Stone sounds good, it's about an hour away from me, so yeh! But we need numbers! How do we get more people on board? Cheers Joni.