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    Moving on - my view on the S3

    No apologies for terrible SPAG - it is what it is! Whilst having been active on other forums (namely motorbikes) I have never really posted on here but have found it a very useful source of information. I bought my facelift S3 new in 2017 and as the PCP came to the end and being in positive...
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    Covid 19 and car sitting idle

    Car is parked on the street - any recommendations for a charger that can be kept under the bonnet? Sorry I'm useless at these things! Currently the car is only doing about a 4 mile round trip on our weekly shop to Sainsburys and back!
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    Inspection Service Quote

    They came down to £180. Still no idea what they are going to do. I would like £180 to just look at the car
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    Inspection Service Quote

    Got quoted £200 from Jack Barclay for the service. Anyone else had lower? What does the inspection entail?
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    Facelift Show me your paddle shifters!

    Presume it is because I have small hands (go on say it... :icon thumright:) but I sometimes only catch the end of the paddle. I feel like they need to stick out some more. Anyone seen any aftermarket like that?
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    Traction light

    Want to jump in on this. I do enjoy a little 4 wheel drift when its a bit wet out I put the ESC in sport; did this recently on a slightly bumpy road and the TC light came on and it sounded like the front end was bottoming out (that scary crunching noise - it definitely wasn't). Any ideas? Also...
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    Unplugging S3 Exhaust valves

    Do you have to do this for both sides? Left was easy. Couldn’t manage it on the right...
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    Facelift Google Earth not working?

    Yep, mine went down twice and I switched it off. First time I was near home so it was ok, second time when I was on some A roads. Had to pull over to the side of the road. Quite distracting actually, dangerous how attached we are to these nav's now....
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    Servicing Price Match

    Pretty crap response. Apparently they have opted out of Audi's price match guarantee and offered a 10% discount! I'm not going with them. We don't really have many options in London now with Audi City (and Victoria) shutting down earlier this year. Trying Jack Barclay in Wandsworth but they...
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    Dynamic Wing Mirror Indicator Install

    Does anyone know if there is a kit for Dynamic front lights for the non matrix lights?
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    Servicing Price Match

    Currently booking my car in. Was quoted £287 from West London Audi! Just sent them a quote from QuickFit for an oil change for £97. Lets see if they price match! See below:
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    Audio question...

    Every time I unplug my phone via the USB, the radio comes on, very loud, anyone know how to either 1) stop the radio coming on, 2) reduce the volume level when it does. Ta
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    2018 A7 shown to employees

    Just as a heads up... I understand that the new A7 will come out late this year with cars being delivered in Q1/Q2. A few weeks ago it was shown to select employees of Audi along with the new rs5 training. Design wise it follows the new A5 design language - it looks very similar apparently...
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    New Wheels A3 S-line

    What's the ride like? Do you have mag ride?
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    Refurb S3 rims???

    Any idea if you can refurb the S3 rims? As they are diamond cut... someone told me it couldn't be done... Know of anyone good in London? Got two scuffed now so might just go and do it.
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    Insurance help

    Thanks, will do. I have the Audi 5 day free insurance so will spend the weekend ringing around...
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    Insurance help

    28 and haven't got any NCB. Have always been a named driver as didn't drive much living in Central London. I'm guessing it is to do with how many S3's are stolen and because I'm leaving it on the street?!
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    Insurance help

    Quote has been declined on AXA... It seems to be when I put the car model in. Works with every other one... Admiral on Money supermarket is giving me the cheapest quote at £1300. I was expecting about £1k
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    Insurance help

    I'm picking up a new S3 on Thursday and thought that getting my insurance sorted would be a doddle. Low and behold, the quotes I am getting are crazy. A lot more then my Jeep was when I was a teenager. I live in central London and the car will be left of the street so I wasn't expecting cheap...