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    Attempted Robbery.

    Car should run fine with the MAF sensor disconnected.:think:
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    1.8 tfsi/2.0 tfsi/2.0 tdi?

    The 2.0T should easily be within your 7k budget, I bought mine 4 years ago and it was only 9k.
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    New Front Rubber Needed

    These tyre ratings are crap. Eagle F1A2s are very good, can't go wrong.
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    BG44K fuel additive

    You can usually get it for £15 off eBay. I've used it 3 times I think in the last 60k, no appreciable difference to be honest, wouldn't get too excited.
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    BG44K fuel additive

    Bg44k is for petrol engines isn't it? I though bg244 was for diesels.
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    Hid what brand

    Don't bother: 1) it looks pikey 2) HIDs in reflector lenses dazzle oncoming drivers 3) they'll blow your front wiper motor
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    2.0T S-Tronic Idle Problems

    PCV will give you a bouncy idle.
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    Has somebody innstalled a cold air intake on 1.6 FSI?

    Why are people bothering with an air intake on a 1.6? The gains will be laughable.
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    What mileage are you on?

    101k 2.0T DSG
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    2.0 TDI 170 - Risky for low miles?

    Read his post, although he does 1k a month he says its short journeys but would be willing to "take it for a blast" now and again. This is not what diesels are for.
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    2.0 TDI 170 - Risky for low miles?

    Utterly pointless to get the TDI for that kind of mileage. The 2.0T is far better, it'd only be a few quid a month more in fuel. And yes there are plenty of problems with DPFs if you do short journeys.
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    AutoGlym Super Reson Polish .. And..?

    SRP has no cut at all, it won't be damaging anything.
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    Injury claims

    But money will make it better?
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    Anyone order there own oils filters etc?

    I'm lazy, national tyres oil service for £40 does me nicely between each proper service.
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    Help!! Audi A3 1.6 tdi or 2.0 tdi

    Should have got a 2.0T then.
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    1.6 Tdi Fuel Consumption

    Yes if you want better MPG drive further. You'll never get the advertised figures as they're not real world figures just lab numbers. Diesel engines take longer to warm up so a short commute is not what they're good at. Buying a diesel for such a short commute wasn't a great idea, you'll not...
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    Michelin Pilot Sport 3's??

    Goodyear F1A2s are great and usually cheaper than the contis/ps3s.
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    A3 key fob - can I replace the external case?

    It's this one: Audi A2 A3 A4 A6 A8 3 Button KEY FOB REMOTE CASE SHELL | eBay
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    A3 key fob - can I replace the external case?

    I have the older style rounded key fob, is it possible/easy to buy a replacement part off ebay and switch the blade and electrics over? Mine has got tatty over the years.