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  1. Danman1

    Finally got my audi...

    It was clean! Just needed a Vac! The water was beading like a b!tch on it!
  2. Danman1

    Finally got my audi...

    I have done! I've told him of the wealth of knowledge contained in the combined heads off all the members. Dan
  3. Danman1

    So I'm leaving the fold..

    Lol, I have just got a job up Manchester so will be moving up from Birmingham next week. Sold the car as I wanted something newer and I wouldnt be able to look after it well up there. I have been looking at an Astra VXR....? However I might just get a little run around as I dont really want to...
  4. Danman1

    So I'm leaving the fold..

    Sad to say I have sold my S3, to a fellow member :). Best car I have owned so far. Thanks to everyone on ASN who have answered my stupid noob questions, I hope I have given back even the tiniest amount of what I got from this site. One of the best forums on the net! Dan
  5. Danman1

    Finally got my audi...

    The site is infested with pics of my old car!
  6. Danman1

    42DD shifter bushes.

    Saw '42DD'..... disappointed.
  7. Danman1

    Worth getting a machine for just paint cleansing?

    Worth a look at: Machine Polishing by Dual Action Polisher - Full Guide - Detailing World Machine Polishing by Rotary Polisher - Full Guide - Detailing World Dan
  8. Danman1

    Split pipe under manifold.

    If I had a penny...
  9. Danman1

    S3 door blade removal guide with pictures.

    Yes, when I did the guide one of the screws was seized and i couldn't get it off, had to drill it out. Easy if you have a drill and a metal bit. Dan
  10. Danman1

    newbie from Brum

    Hello. Another brummie!
  11. Danman1

    Battery drain.

    +1 for the boot light. xx
  12. Danman1

    Post pics of your A3/S3

    Well... thats a big one mate.
  13. Danman1

    I get made to watch it...

    I get made to watch this drivvle by the missus, suppose there is perks though... Series Five | Episode Ten | Highlights - TOWIE
  14. Danman1

    anyone know the part number for...

    .... the drivers side interior a-pillar trim? The bit that a boost gauge would be mounted too. I am after one for my next project.
  15. Danman1

    S3 Door and side trim removal

    Someone did a guide.... Dan
  16. Danman1

    S3 rear bumper

    How does it come off? Clips?
  17. Danman1

    Passenger door doesn't close properly

    I have this on my drivers door. The consensus is that it has dropped over time. Fixes include, but not limited too; 1. Jacking door up slightly with a jack. 2. Wrenching door up by hand 3. Undoing door bolts and re-positioning door. I have tried number 2, to no avail. Dan
  18. Danman1

    Simple fix or costly headache?

    Have you checked the filter? Something dead in it?
  19. Danman1

    noise when engine is turned off

    Yes my bay gets really hot and stays hot!
  20. Danman1

    noise when engine is turned off

    check your fuses atop of your battery: This fuse had actually blown, despite any visual evidence. Dan