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  1. J

    Programming Keys

    Sorted!! Thanks Khufu
  2. J

    Programming Keys

    Thanks for that Khufu. I was trying the one key in the ignition, and one in the door method, but could only ever code one of the keys. I now know why!! Will try that in the morning...
  3. J

    Programming Keys

    Having bought a new key, and swapped the blade over (just for asthetics as the old key looked at bit worn), I've managed to completly ****** up the coding on all my keys now! I've put the blade back in the original key now (because although I could get the new key to unlock the car, it wouldn't...
  4. J

    Once AVS always AVS?

    Jesus, if you guys think 20000 is too much between services, I'm in big trouble! My diesel does over 30000 between them! It was last serviced at 42k, 14 months later it's done 65k, and it's got 7.5k to go! I have to admit, I've always thought about changing the oil sooner, just to be safe, I...
  5. J

    Internet providers.

    I've got Supanet 2meg (although it always connects at 2.3!). Got to say, I've had no problems at all, and for £17.99 per month, I'm well happy
  6. J

    A3 TDI Engine Tuning on Ebay

    Do it! I bought a 'tuning box' from ebay nearly 2 years ago, and have done over 35k since. It totally transforms the car. It's loads faster with more torque, and better MPG. I'm sure it's not a patch on a proper re-map, but for £100 I'm well chuffed. The way I looked at it, I can always take...
  7. J

    fog lights- post fit

    Bought my kit from VAG Parts. Although the kit advertised is for the pre facelift cars, they also do a kit for the post facelift cars if you ask. From memory this was around £150 -ish! Then bought standard foglight loom from Halfords, some plugs from Audi. After some solder and a roll of looming...
  8. J

    a3 Tuning Boxes

    Couldn't say for sure because I've never had mine on a rolling road, however, they claim 25% increase, and my car now blows my brother's A4 130tdi into the weeds, where as before, he was well ahead
  9. J

    a3 Tuning Boxes

    I got my box from Dragon Performance off ebay when they were called something else! Cost £100, and works a treat. Done over 30k with it on, passes the MOT every year, no increase in fuel consumption, and goes like a train. However.... if you're going to spend over £250 on a box, i'd save a bit...
  10. J

    Music on the Move

    [ QUOTE ] jayfrst said: WTF is that then, is it one of these soppy wishy washy albums [/ QUOTE ] Is it f**K! I wouldn't let anything like that in my car! It's a mix of a load of dance tunes. She's only just bought it, well worth a listen if you're into that kind of thing...
  11. J

    Buying Advice A3 TDi

    That didn't sound good matey!! Glad he got a car he's happy with in the end.
  12. J

    Front Foglight Wiring

    Morning folks! I'm after a favour..... Please could anyone with front foglights on their A3/S3 have a look and see if it is possible to follow the wires from the back of the foglights, to where they join the main loom in the engine bag. I'm pretty sure that my car wont have the wires...
  13. J

    Buying Advice A3 TDi

    Rob, Looked in the manual last night and the cambelt on TDi's is due at 60k. Which is good for you, because the one you're looking at should have just had it (I think you said it had). Bad for me because I've now got 48k on the clock, and in a few months I'm gonna have to shell out some cash...
  14. J

    Buying Advice A3 TDi

    Doesn't sound bad at all, you can soon put in a CD player. The suede is quite nice in the SE's, I prefer the black/grey interior instead of blue, but then that's down to personal choice! I think the SE's come with alloys like this...
  15. J

    Bose Sat Nav

    Ok, time to look like a fool, what's 'Can-bus'? Sounds like public transport made by Citroen!
  16. J

    Interesting auction........

    Nothing in life is for free! The only person making money is the guy selling it. Wouldn't be you would it? New to the forum, no profile details, first post nothing to do with Audi's. Hmmmmmm
  17. J

    Interesting auction........

    If it sounds too good to be true, it normally is! Wouldn't touch it with a barge pole!!
  18. J

    A3 fog lights on pre 2001 model

    Just had a reply from VAG Parts regarding foglights for facelift (2001MY) A3's. The kit is £129+Vat, and the OE switch is £51+VAT. Will let you all know if I can get them working using OE fittings!
  19. J

    Re-Trim of Leather Steering Wheel?

    Small confession to make My steering wheel is perfect (at 46k), needed to know for the missus's Puma! I knew you guys would know the answer!!
  20. J

    Re-Trim of Leather Steering Wheel?

    Does anybody know of a company that can re-trim leather steering wheels, preferably in Yorkshire?