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    Oil top ups

    2.0 tdi
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    Audi A6 C8 - Dashboard Creaks & Rattles - Potential Resolutions

    I've had a recurring high pitch Rattle around the right dash speaker/ heads up area too. Was sorted under warranty then came back a few months later. In again for next week. Bit annoying to have to take in again but that's what's the warranty is for.
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    Oil top ups

    Hi my a6 C8 has done 12k and is 7 months old and has asked for oil again. I had topped it with 500ml at 5k a few moths this normal?
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    A6/S6/Allroad (C8 Chassis) Picture Thread

    Don't know size but this is what and where I bought from and was a perfect fit.
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    Audi factory tour video

    See how your new Audi was made! Fascinating watch.
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    Recall after Recall on trailing arm lock nuts

    My VIN starts WAUZZZF21 but it was built Dec 2021. I'm confused if yours is 28 but older than mine or are VINs not allocated numerically.
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    A6/S6/Allroad (C8 Chassis) Picture Thread

    I am sure I read somewhere the MY23 black editions and vorsprungs will come with new grilles (honeycomb design) and black badges. Allow a couple of hours for it. Front badge was a bit fiddly, I wish did a video or took photos but you have to bend it from the centre using a pry tool and the...
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    A6/S6/Allroad (C8 Chassis) Picture Thread

    Here is my A6 which I took receipt of early March. Its a black edition TDI 40, as you can see I debadged it and changed to black rings along with the A6 on the back. Be glad to know what people's thoughts are, I love it and I think it gives it even more of a menacing look, however, on first...
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    Parking Assist with parking aid plus

    that's not great, try explaining that to an insurer and what if that was a busy high street. No thankfully no damage, the tyres edge extend further than the alloys so it was just a brush against rubber but nevertheless quite a jolt. I did try again yesterday twice. Both Bay parking and once...
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    myAudi individual settings - ignore option??

    Keen to know answer too. Happens every time obviously I press discard but rather things worked as they should.
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    Parking Assist with parking aid plus

    I've got a brand new A6 (will put pics up at some point) and I've been a lurker on here for a few weeks. My post now has been prompted by my wonder how other owners get on with the self parking. I've had 3 goes on sepetate occasions and once it hit a kerb the other two times it went so fast I...